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Vitamix Drink Machine Advance Blender

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  • Powerful, functional, and reliable blending
  • 6 optimized programs and automatic shut-off and pulse blending
  • Flawlessly create delicious, frozen coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, frappes, granitas, shakes and more
  • Up to three times faster & five times more powerful than "other" leading commercial blenders
  • Crush and mix a half gallon of ice in just three seconds
  • Vitamix Drink Machine Advance item number 062824
  • Comes with a 48-ounce Advance container

Your Next Upgrade!

The all-new Vitamix Drink Machine Advance should be the next upgrade in your restaurant, cafe, or smoothie shop. Creating fast and consistent, high-quality beverages that customers love is now easier than ever. The Drink Machine Advance has six programs that combine the right speed and timing to eliminate any guesswork. This blender provides total consistency for every drink on your menu which of course is essential for return customers. Because of the Vitamix patented long steel blade and triangular Advance Container, the Drink Machine Advance creates the smoothest blended drinks in less time and with less effort! Higher profits from your beverage menu are easy - just add ice and blend! NSF-Certified and UL-Listed. The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance is now offered exclusively with the new Advance Container with dripless spout.

Features and Benefits

  • Six optimized programs consistently achieve the same blend every time
  • Automatic shut-off gives operators the ability to turn it on and walk away
  • Pulse control efficiently refreshes drinks
  • Advance® container with no-drip spout eliminates product waste
  • Innovative motor resists overheating when blending extra-thick ingredients
  • Intended for commercial use

Programmable Power, Pulse Blending

The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance is designed to make your drink counter run at peak efficiency. It already makes the best smoothies, shakes, and other frozen drinks, and now comes with 6 pre-programmed timer settings. It comes with a USB Port, allowing each setting to be reprogrammed with the optional software kit from Vitamix, so you can customize your Drink Machine Advance to match your specialty beverages rather than the other way around. The Drink Machine will automatically shut off when time expires to allow for deliciously consistent frozen beverages without fear of over blending. The available pulse blending switch offers an extra level of control as well as the ability to quickly refresh beverages.

Extreme Container!

The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance comes with the 60 oz Advance Container (with markings to 48 oz) for 50% more blending capacity than the previous model. The polycarbonate Advance container is NSF-Certified and features a wide base that creates a powerful vortex, continually circulating ingredients and significantly reducing cavitation and noise. The hardened steel Advance Blade is precisely designed to be paired with the new Advance container. It is a longer blade than blades found in previous models and is built to reduce blending time for faster customer service. The result is perfectly shaved ice flakes that form the base for the very best frozen margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, and more.

Superior Construction

The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance is powered by a 2.3 HP motor that outlasts other brands 3 to 1 and provides all the muscle you need for frequent operation. Surrounding the motor is a sturdy ABS plastic body that withstands abuse and is easy to clean. The container has a 2-piece heavy rubber lid that locks into place and has a cap which allows you to add ingredients while the Drink Machine Advance is running.

3 Year Warranty And Support

Like all Vitamix machines, this Drink Machine Advance is built to last. It comes with a 3-year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship which includes a 1-year service contract. (Other warranties may apply outside the US and Canada.) All Vitamix blenders are backed by J.L. Hufford's Satisfaction Policy.

About Vitamix Commercial

Vitamix commercial blenders and accessories are built with sturdy, long-lasting materials to ensure their longevity and reliability. Their intuitive control interfaces mean less time training, with simple toggles and knobs that plainly advertise their intent. Each blender features a powerful motor that is capable of blending notoriously tough ingredients as well as gentler foods, while spare parts and accessories keep commercial machines in prime condition. Shop the Vitamix sale at J.L. Hufford and bring a Vitamix to your business today to cut down on your food prep time!

Name: Vitamix Drink Machine Advance Blender
UPC: 703113628245
Manufacturer: Vitamix Commercial

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