EUME Protect+ Face Mask


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  • Prevents respiratory droplets when someone sneezes or coughs
  • 4-ply protected for optimum safety
  • Soft, lightweight to prevent skin irritation
  • Includes government approved filter
The EUME Protect+ Face Mask is a 4-ply protected, reusable mask perfect when traveling, commuting, and socializing. This mask protects you from respiratory droplets released when someone sneezes or coughs. Soft and lightweight, there won't be any irritation to the skin. The outer fabric is netted mesh for better breathability and the inner layer is a cotton lycra fabric for a gentle feeling. It's also perspiration absorbing! The third layer is a melt blown filter which is SITRA Approved. The fourth Layer is SS-MMS (Spun Bound) which itself provides 5 additional layers of protections for additional filtration. Be safe, be healthy, wear a mask!
Name: EUME Protect+ Face Mask
Manufacturer: EUME