Subscription Orders by ReCharge

Product subscriptions are a great way to automatically repeat a frequent purchase on J.L. Hufford. We use ReCharge Subscriptions to power our subscription service. Learn more about ReCharge.


Starting a Subscription

Apple Safari Browser

We are currently experiencing some issues with orders placed on a Safari browser. Please use another browser or contact our support team to complete your subscription order.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

  • Choose the product you'd like to subscribe to. (We currently offer subscriptions on J.L. Hufford coffee beans)
  • Select your options and product quantity.
  • Select the Subscribe option
  • Choose your reorder frequency from 1 Week to 8 Weeks under the Deliver Every drop-down menu. If you'd prefer a more detailed delivery schedule, you can edit this in the subscription dashboard after checkout (see Editing a Subscription below).
  • Add to cart and Checkout as normally.

  • Internet Explorer

    Our website is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please use another browser or contact our support team to complete your subscription order.

    Editing a Subscription

    Accessing your Subscription Dashboard

    If you don't have an account with J.L. Hufford, go to the Sign In page and click Get subscription access under the Returning Customers field. Enter the email address you used to start your subscription and we'll email you a link to access the Subscription Dashboard. You may want to bookmark this link or create an account for future access.

    If you already have an account, sign in and click Manage Subscriptions under the My Account menu on the left.

    Modifying an Existing Subscription

    To edit an existing subscription, make sure you are on the Subscriptions page on your subscription dashboard. Find the subscription you'd like to modify and click Edit under the Actions column on the right. From here you can change your product options, next charge date, quantity, delivery schedule, payment information, and shipping information.

    NOTE: If you have a product subscription for J.L. Hufford brand coffee, you will see a matching subscription for a Grind Type product as well. If you edit your coffee subscription, be sure to also edit your grind type subscription to match.

    If you want to change the product(s) of your subscription, you will have to cancel your current subscription and start a new one with your desired product. You can do this through the Subscriptions page on the dashboard or from the product page.

    Canceling a Subscription

    If you'd like to skip a future delivery but keep your subscription, navigate to the Delivery Schedule page on your dashboard. Find the order(s) you would like to skip and click the Skip button to the right under the skip column. If you decide to resume that order, click Unskip.

    If you would like to cancel all future orders of a subscription, navigate to the Subscriptions page on your dashboard, find the subscription you'd like to cancel, and click Cancel under the Actions column. If you ever decide to start up your subscription again, simply click Re-activate under the Actions column.

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