Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement for Coffee & Tea


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  • Includes 12 packets for 12 gallons 
  • Minerally enhanced
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Sodium
  • Scientifically made to highlight the natural acidity of your favorite coffee bean
  • As seen on Shark Tank

Brew Better Coffee

The Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement is the perfect way to have better tasting coffee everyday in your very own home! Just add one of the classic profile capsules to one gallon of distilled or RO water, shake it up, and then use it to brew delicious coffee. The minerals in the supplement help create fresh tasting water, and complement your coffee or tea perfectly.  The Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements pair great with drip coffee makers, like from Capresso and Technivorm. They also pair well with manual brewing machines, such as french presses and pour overs.

The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) Seal of Approval

Third Wave Water capsules are compliant with The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) guidelines for optimum brewing water. These capsules contain calcium, magnesium, and sodium in the perfect amounts to make your gallon of de-mineralized water the best it can be for your favorite coffee or tea.

About Third Wave Water

Like most good things, it all started over a good meal and a beer. Two coffee shop owners, Taylor and Charles, were having lunch when Charles mentioned wishing he could make a concentrate of Taylor’s perfected water blend to use for his coffee customers. That’s when the idea of “dehydrated water” was born. The rest is history.

Name: Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement for Coffee & Tea
UPC: 634840731161
Manufacturer: Third Wave Water