The Republic of Tea - Ginger Peach 100% White Tea Bags, 50 Ct.


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Calling all lovers of the Critically Acclaimed Netflix Original Series The Crown; J.L. Hufford is pleased to add this royal blend to our collection!

Set in the 1940's The Crown is a Netflix Original Series capturing the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the transformation she endures in the British Monarchy of the 20th Century. This blend features fragrant heirloom chamomile blossoms and sweet honey flavors for a calming evening tea fit for a Queen.

About The Republic of Tea

Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea strives to emphasize the Sim by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle. Their whimsical branding as an independent republic includes calling their employees Ministers, their retail outlets Embassies, and their customers Citizens. The Republic of Tea strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible business, dedicated to developing projects to support worthy organizations. Their teas are packaged in air-tight tins, either full-leaf or in unbleached tea bags, free of unnecessary envelopes, strings, staples, or bags.

Name: The Republic of Tea - Ginger Peach 100% White Tea Bags, 50 Ct.
Manufacturer: The Republic of Tea