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Pasquini Livia G4 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • Next model in Pasquini's Livia series of high quality espresso machines.
  • Stainless steel construction looks great in any setting.
  • Improved, fully plated boiler system.
  • Lever operated steam and hot water.
  • Insulated steam wand.
  • Integrated PID system for unparalleled temperature control
  • Two year warranty

Introducing the Pasquini Livia G4 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Over 15 years ago, Pasquini delivered to the world the Livia 90 Espresso machine, a powerhouse in the coffee world that delivered piping hot, high quality espresso more quickly and with better results than virtually every machine on the marketplace. As technology developed, the popularity of the Livia 90 began to wane and Pasquini was faced with the challenge of besting their most popular machine.

Today, Pasquini has finally delivered their answer and we believe that you will be most impressed! J.L. Hufford is proud to carry the next innovation to the line of excellent, high-quality Pasquini Livia espresso machines, the Livia G4 Automatic Espresso Machine. By utilizing the features and concepts that made the Livia one of the best selling espresso machines of all-time and introducing some enticing new features, Pasquini has truly outdone themselves with this special machine.

Livia 90 vs. Livia G4

While the Livia 90 was in all areas considered a smashing success by many coffee enthusiasts, a few minor design flaws coupled with rapidly developing espresso technology eventually rendered the Livia 90 outdated as there were simply many better options available on the marketplace. Pasquini recognized the many excellent qualities of their Livia 90 machine and set out to not only match, but to exceed those qualities as they developed what is now known as the Livia G4.

The main difference that you'll notice between the Livia 90 and the Livia G4 is a steep upgrade in build quality. Every single part of this excellent machine is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is expertly assembled by hand, giving you a machine that is truly second to none as far as the quality of the build materials.

As if the heavily upgraded build quality wasn't enough, Pasquini has also included a host of new features that will allow you to brew quality espresso with an ease never before seen on a Pasquini Machine.

External Components

The first thing to catch your eye as you unpackage this machine is the beautiful, 100% stainless steel body design. This machine is outfitted with the highest quality stainless steel from top to bottom and is truly a gorgeous centerpiece in any kitchen or coffee bar and is sure to become a much talked about piece in any setting.

The stainless steel cover is very simple to remove allowing you full access to the internal components of the machine. This makes deep cleaning the internal components of the machine a breeze and allows you to make any adjustments or repairs without undue hassle trying to open the machine up.

This machine features a unique dual-tier cup warmer design that features not one but two separate passively heated shelves for storing your drinkware. This unique design change provides a 22% increase in the amount of space allotted for cup warming. It is important to never extract espresso into a cold vessel as this will immediately sour the brew and reduce its quality greatly, Pasquini has made the process of keeping your mug warm as simple as it can be.

The Livia G4 is equipped with dual paddle style levers for operating the steam wand and the hot water spout. The steam wand can be operated in either a continuous mode by raising the lever upwards or on an as-needed basis by lowering the lever. The hot water only functions as needed and operates in the same method regardless of the way that you move the lever. This specialized "dual position" steam valve gives you precise control over the use of your steam and gives you the freedom to use it how you wish. The steam wand is insulated to help reduce the temperature of the wand, although it will still get hot with extended use.

This model features a specialized dual-needle gauge that allows you to closely monitor the pressure of both the steam and the boiler during the brewing process.

Internal Components

The first major upgrade of note is the all new, fully plated heat-exchange boiler. This special auto-filling, 1.5-liter boiler is plated to prevent lime scale buildup and to provide your special machine with a very long lifespan. This new boiler also meets California Proposition 65 standards and features no lead bleaching and its smaller capacity makes it far more energy efficient than the Livia 90. This specialized boiler system is also designed to provide you with enough water and steam to allow both functions to operate simultaneously without losing heat or pressure, and this upgraded boiler also improves the pressure of the steam significantly over the Livia 90.

Another major upgrade featured on the Livia G4 is a self-heating brew group head. This specialized all-brass group head features an independent thermostatically controlled heating element to help ensure equal heat distribution across your coffee and it also helps to reduce heat loss giving you a more steady extraction and an overall better espresso.

You will also notice that one the inside of the machine, the "brains" of the unit, or the electronic chip boards and other components have been relocated to the bottom of the unit and away from heat sources. This was a major concern of the Livia 90 and it has been corrected in the Livia G4.

This machine also features many other specialized and upgraded internal components like a single probe boiler auto fill valve, upgraded boiler thermo couple heating safety, weight based wireless low water alert system, and much more. There are also a large variety of various steam wand upgrades and espresso machine accessories that can be purchased to truly tailor this unique system to your preferences.

Name: Pasquini Livia G4 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
Manufacturer: Pasquini

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