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Jura F7 Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • Elegant chrome metal trimmings with piano black styling wrapped around some of the best espresso technology in the business
  • Grinds, tamps, and brews freshly ground coffee and then cleans itself in under 60 seconds
  • Features the Aroma + Grinding System
  • Extremely User-friendly
  • Very Quiet
  • Included from Jura: 1 Clearyl Blue Water Filter & 2 Cleaning Tablets

New Jura F7 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The line from Jura has long been known for its highly efficient Swiss Engineering and elegant, flowing designs that fit extremely well with any kitchen or coffee bar decor. The F7 holds true to this Jura formula by providing you with an extremely high-quality super-automatic espresso machine that is both beautiful to look at and comes equipped with some of the highest quality internal components available today. This machine makes it very simple to make a very wide variety of drinks at the touch of a single button, making your experience that much better!

External Components

This machine features a striking all piano-black body covering that lends to the decor of any area it is placed and measures in at 11.2" wide x 14" high with a depth of 17.5" meaning that this machine doesn't take up quite as much counter space as many similar products. Starting from the top of the machine, the first thing to take note of is the automatic lid for the pre-ground coffee funnel. This special chamber allows you to grind the coffee externally if you find that the internal grinder of the Jura F7 simply isn't sufficient for your needs. Moving to the sides of the machine, we see the simple flip open covers for both the water tank and the bean containers. These clever doors allow both of these containers to seamlessly integrate into the machine and do not stand out. The front of the machine features the operational buttons for the machine along the top, including the three programmable buttons for individual drinks. Also on the front of the machine is the steam and water selection knob, the operational knob for the steam/water, the height adjustable coffee spout and the dual frother plus. The coffee spout featured on this machine is height-adjustable to accommodate a variety of mug sizes or shot glasses for espresso. The Jura Dual Frother plus allows you to create your favorite frothed milk lattes or cappuccinos with ease. The bottom of the machine features the completely removable drip tray with a removable stainless steel grid. The tray, when removed, also houses the spent coffee grounds container making it very easy to clean up your machine.

Internal Components

The main powerhouse of this unit is the ThermoBlock boiler, allowing you to brew espresso and steam or froth milk without any waiting period at all. Jura is known for its high-quality boiler systems, and the F7 features one of the best ever put into a Jura machine. Also included with the Jura F7 is the brand new Aroma+ grinding system. By perfecting the cutting angle inside the conical burr grinder, JURA's engineers have managed to increase the efficiency of the grinder significantly. The perfect aroma can now be achieved in half the grinding time. Now you can enjoy pure and perfect coffee indulgence with less prep time and far less noise pollution. The F7 is also one of the most energy-efficient machines ever produced by JURA, and as with the other aspects of this machine, it is the marriage of technical perfection with speed and precision in mind that makes this one of the most earth-friendly espresso machines ever made. This special machine features automatic shut off and automatic turn on in addition to the ThermoBlock that is designed to use the energy it receives as efficiently as possible, giving you barista-quality espresso and significantly reducing your ecological footprint.

For Use with Superautomatika® Blend

It's a little-known fact that Super Automatic espresso coffee centers brew the best coffee when using only a special kind of bean. While it's true that the Jura E8 can be filled with most kinds of coffee beans, the greatest flavor and tallest crema are achieved when brewing Superautomatika® Blend, the only coffee crafted specifically for super-automatic machines. The beans that makeup Superautomatika® Blend are picked, roasted and blended solely for use in super automatic coffee centers. When you purchase a Jura F8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine through J.L. Hufford, a sample of this exclusive blend is included.

The Jura Difference

The Jura F7 was built with ease of use, technical perfection, and speed in mind and it performs flawlessly in each of these categories. Whether you simply need some hot water for a refreshing morning tea or are in the mood for a unique specialty drink, it is all a simple push of a button away. Try the F7 today and experience the JURA difference.

J.L. Hufford Satisfaction Policy

This product is covered under the J.L. Hufford Satisfaction Policy. Please review this policy for Return and Exchange Information.

Name: Jura F7 Automatic Espresso Machine
UPC: 794151410787
Manufacturer: Jura

Instructions for use IMPRESSA F7 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Modo de empleo IMPRESSA F7 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Mode d' emploi IMPRESSA F7 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Recommended Use and Care

For any use or care question we are available to help, and the manual provides additional details on how to perform many routine maintenance procedures. The Jura Impressa F7 Features a plethora of easy to use, integrated maintenance programs including:

  • Rinsing the Machine.
  • Rinsing the Fine Foam Frother.
  • Cleaning the Fine Foam Frother.
  • Changing the Water Filter.
  • Cleaning the Machine.
  • Descaling the Machine (only if the water filter is not activated).

2-Year Jura Factory Warranty

Jura offers a three-tiered toll-free customer support service with evening week-day and even Saturday hours means that all of your pressing coffee questions get answered whenever you are in need. All new Jura Super Automatic units come standard with an exclusive 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty with shipping included to and from the factory service center when installed within the contiguous 48 states. No other company currently matches this level of service.

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