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Illy MonoArabica Coffee Beans 8.8 oz Can - Guatemala

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  • MonoArabica Guatemala: Grown in the Huehuetenango mountains
  • 100% pure, single origin coffee
  • Medium bodied coffee is strong yet sweet with a hint of chocolate, caramel, and honey to round out this triplet of flavors.
  • Air-free packaging ensures freshness while preserving flavor

Illy MonoArabica Guatemala Coffee Beans 8.8 oz Can

Add some zip in your cup with Illy MonoArabica Coffee from Guatemala. Sustainably grown where Arabica plants thrive at an altitude of 6,500 feet, MonoArabica Guatemala come from the shaded mountains of Huehuetenango. The balance of these factors as well as seasonable warmth and good soil produces a coffee with a strong note of chocolate, yet harmonized with caramel, honey, and citrus. These Single Origin beans chosen by Illy are known as Strictly Hard Beans and are processed via the washed method. Illy Guatemalan is a complex, yet delightful cup will be most popular with coffee lovers who brew with French press, pour over, drip, vacuum and similar methods. Excellent espresso shots can be made with some practice. These 8.8 ounce tins are preserved with a proprietary, pressurized packaging method proven to maintain freshness. Traditional medium Italian roast 100 percent Arabica whole bean coffee.

About Illy MonoArabica Coffees

Illy's signature blend for Italian espresso comes from 9 different origins around the world. For the first time, Illy has made available three components of this blend: three single origin coffees, each alive with distinct characteristics borne of region-specific soil, altitude, rainfall, sun and cultivation profiles. Aroma, taste, and body vary origin-to-origin, country-to-country, to a quite wonderful effect in the cup. Illy Monorarabica is a path to explore Illy more deeply.

MonoArabica - Guatemalan Huehuetenango Profile

Rising high above sea level, the pristine mountains of Huehuetenango in Guatemala are as remote as they are beautiful. Here warm winds from Mexico neutralize the cold of the 6,500-foot altitude, providing perfect growing conditions in the shade of the Maya forest--producing one of the world's finest growing regions. Selection of Strictly Hard Beans (SHB grown above 4000 feet) prepared for Illy with zero defects, processed via the washed method.

Taste Profile

The rare combination of altitude, warmth, and shade found in Huehuetenango gives this coffee its balanced sweetness, and range of tastes and aromas including chocolate, caramel, honey, and citrus. The result is a supremely enjoyable coffee experience. We recommend immediately storing Illy MonoArabica Guatemala coffee in an air-tight or vacuum sealed container upon first opening the pressurized Illy canister. Central American coffees tend to have higher acidity, but this can be minimized with cold brewing methods such as Toddy or using the Bodum Bean Ice Coffee Maker.

Name: Illy MonoArabica Coffee Beans 8.8 oz Can - Guatemala
UPC: 733411903669
Manufacturer: Illy

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