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Jura Giga W3 Professional Espresso Coffee Center - Factory Refurbished

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  • Available Color: Silver
  • 169-ounce water tank
  • 35.3-ounce bean container
  • Filter Cartridge: CLEARYL Pro Blue
  • Factory Refurbished machine serviced at Jura North America
  • Release date: July 2016

Jura Giga W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Center

The Giga W3 Professional offers a few enhancements over the household Giga 5 in order to make it suitable for an office or light-commercial setting. Firstly, the capacities for water, coffee beans and waste have been increased, so the machine doesn't have to be refilled or emptied every few minutes in a busy setting. With the power a commercial-grade ceramic burr grinder, two stainless steel heating systems, two pumps and two parallel fluid systems, the Jura Giga W3 Professional can quickly prepare any drinks that are demanded. Controls are simple and intuitive, so it's easy to create a wide range of single or double sized beverages from espressos and long coffees to lattes, macchiatos and several other barista grade drinks, such as the internationally popular Flat White. Because it's a Jura, you can be assured that you not only receive a well engineered machine, but also one that is both pleasing to the eyes and ears (think quiet). J.L. Hufford is proud to be one of the few Jura dealers authorized to sell the Giga W3 Professional.

Machine Release Date: July 2016

Factory Refurbished

All Jura Certified Refurbished espresso machines are units that have been serviced directly at the North American Jura service facility. Each unit has a factory-serviced sticker on the bottom of it indicating that it was returned to Jura for any one of a variety of reasons ranging from buyer's remorse to an actual defect. In addition to any repairs, if even necessary, every factory reconditioned Jura machine receives a complete rebuild of the brew unit as well as having numerous seals and o-rings replaced throughout the hydraulic circuit, regardless of need. All machines that leave the North-American service facility are considered by Jura to perform "like new," though some very minor blemishes may be present, such as superficial scuffs or scratches which do not affect the overall appearance of the machine. Jura provides a full one-year warranty which guarantees that the factory will cover any warranty repair and shipping costs associated with that repair (to the lower contiguous 48 states) for the first year. Beware of other sellers offering refurbished units that were serviced in-house, as the manufacturer may not honor the warranty for an unauthorized product. These units all come with the J.L. Hufford Satisfaction Policy.

Easy Technology Makes Everyone a Barista

Combined with the full color digital display, the Jura Giga W3 is simple to operate with menu buttons and the ever popular Rotary Switch, which is ball-bearing mounted for durability. This team works together to help users quickly and easily choose from a host of specialty beverages, including the Flat White, which has been in high demand thanks to America's most well known coffee chain. 31 individually programmable specialty coffees and another 12 barista recipes can be prepared by touching a single button. The standard screen can be customized to the occasion or user, as can the names of the individual specialties. As long as you provide fresh milk, water and coffee beans, the Giga W3 Professional know exactly what it needs to do to automatically deliver coffee excellence at the touch of a single button.

High Capacity Operation

The Jura Giga W3 Professional has been designed to accommodate higher volume applications, such as office environments or small cafes and restaurants. The water tank holds over 5 quarts of water, measuring in at 169 ounces. The coffee bean hopper accepts 35.3 ounces of freshly roasted beans, and this model uses only 1 grinder to help keep equipment costs to a minimum. Depending on the beverage size and amount of milk, the Giga W3 Professional can produce 2 drinks in under 60 seconds for a very favorable turnaround time. In addition, the dump box for the used coffee grounds can hold up to 40 drinks' worth of pucks. The machine will display when this box needs to be emptied. We recommend the Giga W3 for applications needing up to 100 cups per day of production. Commercially sized cleaning and descaling products are available to reduce the preventative maintenance costs.

Fine Foam Technology

With the touch of a single button the Jura Giga W3 Professional delivers frothed milk and freshly ground and brewed beans directly into your cup in a matter of moments. As with its predecessors, the Giga W3's fine foam frother delivers foam that is both fine and compact with a creamy consistency and a subtle sweetness. The milk system should be cleaned each day, and the W3 will tell you when rinses or cleanings are necessary. We recommend Jura Cappuccino Cleaner to clean the milk system and remove deposits to improve operation and quality. A key feature of the GIGA technology is the adjustable air intake, electronically controlled by a geared stepper motor, to heat and froth the milk. When you make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk into the glasses, followed immediately by milk foam and finally coffee.

Dual Stainless Steel ThermoBlock Design

The power plant of the Jura Giga W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Center features an all stainless steel dual ThermoBlock construction. A dual ThermoBlock design offers much faster warm-up times and delivers only the amount of heated water that you will need for your specific drink at a phenomenal 15 bar pressure rating! This design reduces waste, eliminates any lag time between espresso production and steamed milk production, eliminates stale water taste, and helps reduce scale build up for a longer life.

Additional Coffee Bypass Spout

For additional customization, such as brewing with a new roast of coffee, the Giga W3 also features a bypass spout that allows you to utilize a specialty bean or make a decaf coffee drink for your guests without having to change the contents of the bean hoppers.

Patented Variable Brewing Technology

Making the perfect cup of coffee is not just a matter of chance. The Jura Giga W3 Professional comes equipped with a variable brewing unit that gets the best out of your favorite blend or roast of coffee. Connoisseurs world over will appreciate Jura's attention to detail as they have included their intelligent pre brew aroma system with this model, mixing just the right amount of water with the ground coffee immediately before the brewing process allows the perfect amount of flavor infusion into your favorite coffee drink.

Advanced Water Filtration

The Jura Giga W3 Professional comes equipped with the CLEARYL Pro Blue water filtration system that prevents water impurities from entering sensitive areas of the machine and affecting the taste of your one-of-a-kind brew. This technology is part of the Jura Integrated Pure Water System (I.P.W.S ©) and is designed to be a hassle free method of filtering your water. Jura includes 2 filters; however, regular replacement is highly recommended, especially when hard water is used. Routine maintenance, including descaling and coffee cleaning must be performed as well, according to use.

Energy Saving Technology

With the Energy Save Mode (E.S.M), the Jura Giga W3's energy-saving technology can be activated to engage shortly after the last drink is made. The machine will reduce to a standby temperature, cutting electrical consumption by up to 40 percent. In addition, the zero energy switch disconnects the power supply entirely so no residual electricity is consumed while the machine is turned off.

For Use with Superautomatika® Blend

Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Centers like the Jura C60 brew their best coffee when using a bean designed for use in such a special machine. The greatest flavor and tallest crema are achieved when brewing with J.L. Hufford's signature Superautomatika Blend, the only coffee crafted specifically for super-automatic machines. Superautomatika is an artisinal blend of low-oil, medium to dark-roast espresso beans. It's usually tough to find a dark, fresh bean that is not also oily, and oily beans are notorious for killing super-automatic espresso machines. This specialty blend has been designed to keep your automatic espresso machine running for longer without sacrificing taste. When you purchase a Jura Automatic Espresso Machine through J.L. Hufford, a half-pound sample of this exclusive blend is included for you to try at no extra cost.

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Name: Jura Giga W3 Professional Espresso Coffee Center - Factory Refurbished
UPC: 794151411173
Manufacturer: Jura
Model Number: 15089.99
Dimensions: W-19.6 x D-14.6 x H-21.7 inches
Weight: 41 lbs.
Wattage/Volt/Hz: 1250W/120V/60Hz
Standby Power: < 0.5 Watt
Energy Save Mode: Yes
Display: TFT Color Display
Material: ABS/Stainless Steel
# of Programmable Drinks: 19
Coffee Strength Levels: 5
# of Bean Hoppers: 1
Capacity per Hopper: 35.3 oz
Active Bean Monitoring: Yes
Maximum Daily Output: 120 Cups
P.E.P: No
Thermoblock Heating System: 2
Milk Frothing: Yes
Fine Foam Technology: Yes
Water Tank Capacity: 169 oz
Hot Water Function: Power hot water system
Filter Cartridge: CLEARYL Pro Blue
Number of Grinders: 1
Grinder Type: Electronically Adjustable Ceramic Disc Grinder
Country: Switzerland

1-Year Jura Factory Warranty

Jura offers a three-tiered toll-free customer support service with evening, week day, and even Saturday hours meaning that all of your pressing artisan coffee questions get answered at YOUR convenience. All factory serviced Jura Machines come standard with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Jura also offers one-of-a-kind telephone support, with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to answer your most pressing questions. In addition, all Jura household espresso machines are backed by the J.L. Hufford Satisfaction Policy.

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