Cappuccine Frappe Mix (Eggnog Latte)

Because eggnog lovers can’t keep waiting for the holidays!


Can’t wait for Christmas to have creamy, delicious eggnog? Then try the next best thing, eggnog latte! This eggnog latte frappe mix by Cappucine doesn’t keep you waiting for that perfect cup of eggnog latte. The powdered mixture can be blended smooth and served hot, cold or on ice. This coffee-free drink has both natural and artificial flavors, and if you add a shot of espresso to the blend, it makes the perfect frappe. It comes in a 3 pounds bag and makes 34 servings in total.


Though a scoop is not provided with this pack, an average coffee scoop works just as well. Once opened, transfer the contents of this pack into an airtight jar to make the powdered mixture last longer.


This truly innovative flavor profile is well-loved by many. Now you can make a refreshing eggnog flavored drink in a matter of minutes with this premix since it blends well in any home blender.


  • Caffeine-free eggnog flavored drink mix
  • Does not come with a measuring scoop
  • 3lb bag that makes 34 servings in total
  • Blends well in any home blender
  • Can be served hot or cold

About Cappuccine

Cappuccine came to life in 1991 when founder Michael Rubin was dissatisfied with the options for cold beverages in coffeehouses and created one of the first super premium powdered frappe mixes for blenders. The motivation of Cappuccine then, as it is now, was to capture the bold coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing blended beverage. Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular, and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality. Love Cappuccine? Order in a case pack of 5 and save! Cappuccine case packs of 5 are available in single flavor and assorted flavor options.

Award Winning Beverages

Cappuccine has received multiple awards throughout their history for their excellent blended cold coffee drinks and for being an innovator in the world of gourmet coffee. Try Cappuccine today and discover what you have been missing this whole time.

Name: Cappuccine Frappe Mix - Eggnog Latte
UPC: 707586720956
Manufacturer: Cappuccine

Name: Cappuccine Frappe Mix - Eggnog Latte
UPC: 707586720956
Manufacturer: Cappuccine

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