How To Use a French Press

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How To Use a French Press


The switch from automatic brewing to manual coffee brewing can be a bit intimidating, but not to worry the French Press is very forgiving and probably simplest to learn! It is an inexpensive way to brew fresh, great tasting coffee at home without having to pay crazy prices. With a French Press you can brew your cup of coffee with the freshest beans. You will want to use coarse grounds when brewing. Of course there will be small grounds that slip through the press’ filter during brewing, and that is okay! It just means that there might be some grounds at the bottom of your mug. As you get more practice with your French Press it will be much easier to control this!


What you need:

8 Cup good quality French Press

8 Tbs. of fresh whole Coffee

Freshly boiled water

Wooden Spoon/Spatula

Coffee Grinder


Your Favorite Mug


End Result:

Total brew time- 4 minutes

Yield- 8 Cups

Cup Characteristics- Heavy and Robust


How To:

First, boil your water. Make sure it is at least 205 degrees.

Coarsely grind your 8 tablespoons of whole coffee. It should resemble bread crumbs.

Preheat your French Press by rinsing it with a small amount of the boiled water. It will help to maintain the temperature of the French Press while it is brewing.

Add your coffee grounds and some water. Once you start to pour the water, immediately start your timer. Once the water has reached halfway in the French Press, stop pouring.

At the one-minute mark, stir the coffee to ensure that all of the grounds are submerged in water. Fill the French Press to the top with water. Place the lid/plunger on top, but do not push down yet.

Once the timer is at four minutes, it is time to push the plunger down. Make sure that one hand is on the French Press, the other on the plunger. Do not plush down fast, it is important to apply firm pressure as you slowly push to get the proper brew.

Congratulations, you have successfully brewed your coffee using a French Press!


You can pour your coffee into your favorite mug or mugs and share with loved ones. If you have any remaining coffee, make sure to pour it out of the French Press as it will over extract and become bitter if it sits in the Press.
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