Fall S'mores Coffee Recipe

Nov 10, 2020 Most Recent

S’mores: a dessert consisting of your favorite summer memories, sticky yumminess, and the happiest feelings.

Is anyone desperately clutching onto the last bits of summer and warm fall nights? Yeah, me too. This S’mores latte recipe will give you those last bits of warm fall day feelings. Anytime I try this recipe I’m instantly reminiscing on my favorite summer recipes and transported back to beaches, bonfires, and most importantly, family time. One of my best-loved parts of summer are s’mores around the bonfire and let me tell you, this coffee recipe makes me feel as though I’m right back there! The flavors are a perfect combination of chocolate and marshmallow without being overly sweet.



½ c Your favorite strong brewed J.L. Hufford coffee – I suggest chocolate flavored bean for a rich flavor

2 TBS. Chocolate Syrup

1 c Milk

Marshmallow Crème or mini marshmallows

Honey (optional)

Graham Crackers (Optional) – will only need one


*vary the ingredient amounts to get desired sweetness



Rub the rim of your mug in honey and roll in crushed graham crackers.

Brew and pour your favorite J.L. Hufford coffee.

Froth your warm milk. If you don’t have ha milk frother, that’s okay! Either shake your milk in a mason jar or blend it. Make sure the milk is warm enough that it bubbles.

Stir the chocolate syrup into your milk to make it chocolatey.

To top it off, add your marshmallow crème or mini marshmallows and enjoy this delicious treat!

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