A Tea for Every Time

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A Tea for Every Time


I like to think of tea as a miracle drink! There are so many health benefits to them that people have been dinking them for centuries. Besides the health benefits, it is so relaxing to sit down and have a piping hot cup of tea with a touch of milk and sugar (my favorite way to drink it)! Each type of tea has different benefits and characteristics that define it, read on to learn what these are!


Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile Tea is a light and airy tea that is known to help with sleep, making it the perfect go to for that before bed drink! This herbal tea helps to relieve stress and anxiety, is known to aid those with poor digestion, settle an upset stomach, and help people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. On the outside of the body, it can help to lighten skin and hair if in the sun and helps with dark circles. It really is a miracle tea!


Oolong Tea

 Oolong tea weight loss skin health bone health

Oolong is another one of my favorite types of tea! It has so many great health benefits but also is a lighter tea as well. Very distinct, it is neither a green tea nor a black tea but its own variety. Interestingly, it can take on characteristics of either black or green depending on how the tea leaves are processed. Oolong helps with weight loss, managing stress, improving mental health, promoting healthy skin and bones, and has numerous antioxidants! Oolong is great because even though it is a lighter tea, there are a variety of flavors such as the richer, sweeter, chocolatey flavors or the airy, fruity flavors.


Green Tea

Needing the opposite of a calming tea and wanting some energy? Try green tea. It contains the stimulant, caffeine, which can improve brain function. A couple cups of green tea a day may also help with weight loss goals.


Matcha Tea

 matcha green tea weight loss powder

Matcha tea, or green tea matcha is a caffeinated tea rich in antioxidants. It can improve focusing ability, rate of fat burning, and is a good source of vitamins. Matcha also comes in powder so it is easy to add it to a variety of foods.


Dandelion Tea 

For radiant and glowing skin try Dandelion tea! This herbal tea aids in detoxing the liver, promoting healthy skin, and is rich in antioxidants. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.. all important nutrients for proper bodily functions!


Chai Tea

 chai tea late ginger cinnamon

Chai tea is an amazing detox as well as another great tea to help with digestion! The cinnamon in chai helps to reduce fatigue and open airways for better breathing while the ginger is perfect for treating stomach aches, motion, and morning sickness. One of my favorite ways to make this is to add just a splash of milk with some sugar. Read The Art of Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea to learn how to make exquisite tea every time.


Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea is perfect for those especially tough days when you need a calming cup of tea to help with anxiety and depression. The bergamot in Earl Grey is known to have a calming effect to fight anxiety, depression, and stress. Earl Grey can also help with weight loss, prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is truly one of the super teas!


Black teas: “Breakfast” teas, chai, earl grey; Known for: heart health, oral health, weight loss, boosting the immune system, and bone health

Green Tea: Green tea, matcha; Known for: fighting allergies, weight loss, blood sugar levels, anti-inflammatory, and dark circles

Herbal Tea: Peppermint, sage, hibiscus tea; Known for: relieving stress, soothing stomach issues, treating insomnia, and boosting iron in the body

Oolong tea: Chamomile, Oolong; Known for: weight loss, managing stress, healthy skin and bones, and antioxidants

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