A Growing Coffee Addiction?

Mar 08, 2021 Most Recent

A Growing Coffee Addiction?

According to a survey recently released by the NCA, Americans are becoming even more addicted to coffee- if that’s possible! Within the past few years, coffee consumption has increased by roughly 5% and with that, comes new ways to drink and brew your coffee. The more that we grow comfortable with something, the easier it is to try new variances on it. With the increase of coffee consumption, it’s easy to try these new beverages or methods from around the world all the time!


Vietnam is one of the leading exports of coffee in the world, so it is no surprise that they have been able to create and refine their own bean that has become known for its caffeine strength. Vietnamese coffee comes from the Robusta spices creating a thicker mouthfeel, increased acidity, and the higher caffeine. This makes it one of the perfect beans to create a perfect cup of iced coffee. To make traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Ca phe sua da, pour a shallow layer of sweetened condensed milk (which is available at almost any grocery store) into a cup and brew approximately 2 oz of Robusta coffee over it. Once brewed, add ice and serve! You can add more or less coffee to suit your desired taste.


Are you wanting a more traditional technique to get the perfectly brewed cup of coffee each time? Try a pour over brew. By being able to have the brewed coffee go into the cup directly after water is poured through the filter filled with grounds, the water is able to extract more of the flavor than with other methods. This infusion method is a bit more efficient in extracting the coffee solubles and creating a fresh taste as new water is constantly being poured rather than when the coffee is being submerged within the French press.


Remember, the best tasting coffee will depend on a number of factors. A brew’s flavor comes from where and how the bean is grown. Ultimately, the best coffee comes from the quality of the bean rather than the techniques or recipes used with that bean. Although there may be a growing coffee addiction in the United States, that may not be a bad thing. As with most things, coffee and caffeine in moderation can help your health improving memory and focusing ability. Just be sure to keep things fresh and change up your routine!


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