Richmond Heritage Chromed Copper Whistling Tea Kettle for Gas Stovetops - No. 4

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  • 100% hand made in the United Kingdom
  • Unique and melodic whistle upon boiling
  • 100% pure tin lining
  • Specially designed to boil water more quickly on gas stove tops, the Richmond Chrome Kettle has a coil bottom to improve heat distribution
  • Made from solid copper and then plated with chrome polished to a mirrored finish
  • 1.7 L capacity
  • Decorative pure solid brass fittings and ebonized beech wood handle
  • Pure grade silver solder for longevity and lead-free operation
  • Designed to be the last tea kettle you’ll ever need

The Original Richmond Whistling Tea Kettle

Specially designed to boil water more quickly on gas stove tops, the Richmond No. 4 Chrome Kettle has a coil bottom to improve heat distribution. Handmade in the United Kingdom from solid copper and then plated with chrome polished to a mirrored finish. This 1.7 L capacity kettle features a nickel lining for corrosion resistance and an ebonized beech wood handle. To ensure quality and craftsmanship, each Richmond kettle is lined with pure tin using traditional artisan methods. Easy cleaning. Made for gas stovetops only, the heat-retaining base coil offers boiling times up to 25 percent faster than ordinary flat-bottomed kettles. Richmond model No. 4. Handmade in England.

About Richmond Kettle Company

Richmond Kettle Company was founded in 1903, during the early years of the Edwardian era. Each Richmond tea kettle is made using only the highest quality pure copper, hand-crafted by English artisans. The techniques used to craft each kettle were developed over 100 years ago, and these same techniques are still used today. Each Richmond kettle available from J.L. Hufford features a melodic whistling lid that sounds when your water begins to boil, a feature that was patented by Richmond when the company first began. Whenever you make your tea, the reassuring quality of Richmond kettles will always add something extra special to your everyday occasions.

Name: Richmond Heritage Chromed Copper Whistling Tea Kettle for Gas Stovetops - No. 4
Manufacturer: Richmond Kettle Company

Use and Care

Prior to First Use

Rinse the kettle thoroughly and fill just above the center seam. Bring the water to a boil and discard. Do not be alarmed if the bottom of the kettle becomes discolored after the first use. This is the polishing compound used during the manufacturing process showing. This can easily be wiped off with a soft cloth once the kettle has cooled.

Cleaning and Descaling

Should you need to descale a Richmond Kettle, never use an acidic de-scaler such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc. as this will cause harm to the 100% pure tin lining. Never fill a hot kettle with cold water as this will also damage the 100% pure tin lining. Do not use abrasive cleaners on any part of Richmond Kettles. Purified and balanced drinking water is recommended to reduce limescale buildup over time.

Heating Instructions

Use medium to medium-high heat for the best performance. Always make sure the heat source and the base of the kettle are proportional in size to prevent damage to the copper material. Ceramic top stoves should be monitored as their lower height settling make it difficult to control heat distribution. Heating up an empty kettle without water will destroy it.

Copper Care 

Over a period of time, the copper kettle will change color shades and develop a patina (a green or brown film on the surface of the copper, produced by oxidation). This is a completely natural process and does not affect the water prepared in the kettle. You may polish this away if you desire. Be aware that soft characteristics of copper mean that the kettle is sensitive to scratches. Use caution if storing the kettle in a cabinet or sitting on your stovetop. 



 Richmond Kettles are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase covering any problem that arises from faulty material or manufacture. Richmond Kettle Company Ltd will replace part of or the entire kettle on inspection. Misuse or failure to adhere to the Care instructions will render the guarantee null and void. 

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Christine M.
United States
Love it!

Love this tea pot. Expensive, yes. But it will last me a lifetime!

Kim W.
United States
Richmond Heritage Tea Kettle

The kettle arrived within days of our online order and was beautifully presented. The kettle is very pretty and well made. It heats water quickly and is the perfect size for 2. We shopped for a kettle that was not made in China and deliberated for months over spending so much money on a kettle. Finally, we determined that the kettle would be used daily and should last a very long time - so we made the purchase. Very happy with the service from JL Hufford and enjoyed the tea bags and mug set included as a free gift with the order. This was our first experience with JL Hufford, and we are delighted.