Guarantee your coffee's quality with a steam thermometer from Revolution. With a range from zero to two hundred twenty degrees fahrenheit, you are able to measure for any preference. Additionally, suggested optimal milk temperature is colorfully marked on its one and a half inch thermometer face for quick and easy measurements. Revolution’s milk steaming thermometer also gives you the option for a hands free measurement with a built in clip to attach to your steamer. Available in five and seven inch lengths.

  • National Science Foundation Approved
  • 2 inch width
  • Calibration Instructions Included
  • Made of Stainless Steel

This easy steam thermometer has clear temperature markings from 0° to 220° Fahrenheit (-10° to 100° Celsius). The measurement dial is large and the markings are clear and easy to read. The dial is color-coded to make it even easier to comprehend the temperature numbers even in low light conditions.

• Ideal for larger steaming pitchers
• Clear temperature markings on a large, clear dial
• Color-coded measurement markings for easy comprehension


Revolution is back to solving another problem for commercial coffee makers worldwide. The problem of steaming pitchers being too short for larger steaming pitchers! This long-stemmed steaming thermometer by Revolution features a 7-inch stem that works perfectly well with the larger pitchers used in some coffee establishments.

Name: Revolution Steam Thermometer
UPC: 610877384914
Manufacturer: Revolution

Name: Revolution Steam Thermometer
UPC: 610877384914
Manufacturer: Revolution

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