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Commercial Use
1 Year Warranty
Made in Italy

Rancilio MD40 Commercial Espresso Grinder

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  • 17.6 ounces capacity
  • Up to 7.7 pounds per hour of grinding production
  • Powerful heavy duty motor
  • Hardened burrs set in cast metal mountings
  • Cast aluminum portafilter fork
  • Heavy duty front-mounted doser

Rancilio MD40 Commercial Espresso Grinder

The Rancilio MD40 Espresso Grinder is the perfect entry level grinder for a small coffee shop or cafe, as well as a nice upgrade for anyone in need of a heavy duty home grinder. Every feature about the Rancilio MD 40 is heavy duty, from its powerful motor, to its hardened burrs set in cast metal mountings, and even its cast aluminum portafilter fork. The 140 Watt motor turns slowly to prevent overheating the beans. The 50 mm hardened steel burrs have precise, front access adjustment for grind fineness. The body is made of die-cast aluminum and stainless steel for durability in high traffic areas. The Rancilio MD40's high-capacity bean hopper holds 17.6 ounces of coffee and the grinder itself is rated for up to 7.7 pounds per hour of grinding production. The Rancilio MD 40 is by design an espresso grinder only because of its front-mounted doser, which is also heavy duty with many metal parts as well. The doser can be adjusted to dispense between 5 and 10 grams of ground coffee per pull of the dosing lever. The MD40 is a semi-automatic grinder.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Grinder

The Rancilio MD40 Commercial Espresso Grinder is known as a semi-automatic grinder. This means that you must press the power button to turn it on, and press it again to turn it off. While this may be considered a drawback to some, this gives the operater precise control over how much coffee is ground, allowing for freshness to be preserved rather than grinding too much coffee and letting it go stale. The grinding switch is sealed to keep ground coffee from fouling up the mechanism.

Espresso Dosing System

The Rancilio MD40 is a doser espresso grinder, meaning that it grinds into a chamber which dispenses the coffee in uniform amounts. Rancilio builds all of its dosers to be extremely durable, with many metal parts where other companies use plastic. The doser mechanism can be adjusted to dispense between 5 and 10 grams of coffee per pull on the lever. Using the MD40 this way works best when the doser chamber is at least half full. Some baristas grind only what is needed for each shot and use the flapping action of the doser to knock out the clumps in the ground coffee, a very useful feature.

High Quality Grinding Burrs

Consistent espresso grinding requires, among many things, well-made grinder burrs. The Rancilio MD40 employs forged steel medium duty flat burrs that resist wear and corrosion. These 50 mm burr plates are precision balanced to press out a consistently fine to extra fine grind every time.

Heavy Duty Motor

The motor on the Rancilio MD40 is a 140-watt direct drive motor that runs quiet and is extremely powerful. Grinding at the espresso fineness setting puts a lot of strain on any grinder, so the MD40 has been built to handle the job with ease. The motor alone weighs around 12 lbs. and spins at 1,725RPM. It has a high-temperature overload switch to prevent possible damage if a stone gets caught in the burrs.

High Capacity Use

For such a compact grinder compared to other commercial models, the Rancilio MD40 handles a surprisingly high amount of work. The blue-tinted bean hopper (to prevent damage from UV rays) holds 17.6 ounces of beans, and the grinder itself is made to produce up to 7.7 pounds per hour of ground espresso, more than enough for a low to medium traffic coffee shop. The bean hopper mounts directly to the body of the MD40, making it difficult to damage accidentally. When removing it to clean the burrs, the bean hopper has a metal slide plate to keep the beans from falling out of the bottom.

Name: Rancilio MD40 Commercial Espresso Grinder
Manufacturer: Rancilio


The Rancilio MD 40 is warranted against defects in parts and workmanship for 1 year with J.L. Hufford. This service contract includes free labor at J.L. Hufford's service facility. Any damage resulting from misuse or mishandling will not be covered. Commercial grinders are non-returnable. Please research your own needs concerning a commercial espresso grinder and make use of our support professionals if you require assistance finding a grinder that fits your needs.

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