Planetary Design Airscape Ceramic Coffee Storage Canister with Bamboo Top


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  • Sustainable, BPA-free bamboo lid
  • Canister made from glazed ceramic
  • Made with Airscape® Technology

Patented Airscape® Technology

Oxidation is a coffee bean's worst nightmare - the more oxygen is exposed to a bean, the faster it deteriorates, which makes for a bad cup of coffee. That's why Planetary Design has come out with their Airscape® Ceramic Coffee Storage Canister. While most "airtight" containers lock air in with your coffee beans, the Airscape® technology forces the air out, which extends the life of your coffee (or other perishable goods)! With a sustainable, BPA-free bamboo lid and glazed ceramic, these canisters will make a nice addition to your kitchen. Whether in Obsidian Black, Cobalt Blue, Slate Grey, or Snowflake White, the canisters also offer a stylish look with their Airscape® technology.

About Planetary Design

What do you get when you combine a love for the outdoors and passion for amazing coffee? Some of the most durable travel French Presses & drinkware available, that’s what! When you love coffee as much as Planetary Design does, coffee storage is just as important as how it’s brewed. It’s got to stop oxygen & humidity from spoiling the freshness, and block deteriorating UV rays - so Planetary Design developed the better-than-airtight line of Airscape® canisters. Re-usable & re-fillable, they are the optimal dry goods storage solution for coffee, tea, brown sugar, nuts, spices, pet treats.….what’s in your Airscape®?

Name: Planetary Design Airscape Ceramic Coffee Storage Canister with Bamboo Top
UPC: 645771006839
Manufacturer: Planetary Design