Planetary Design Airscape Bucket Insert Lid


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  • Made with BPA-Free and food-safe material
  • Durable construction resists scratching and staining
  • Moisture and pest resistant
  • Fits any standard 3 to 7 gallon bucket.

Patented Airscape® Technology

Planetary Design combines their passion for coffee and the outdoors to create products for the coffee traveler. The patented Airscape® preservation technology is perfect for protecting large amounts of coffee beans (and other foods!) in a bucket. With the Airscape® Bucket Insert, the air is forced out so you can properly preserve what’s in your bucket regardless of how full it is. You can use  it in the home for dry goods or pet food storage; for livestock feed or birdseed;  for a dry bucket on your next rafting trip; for pickling and fermenting. There are countless ways to use this Airscape® preservation technology!

About Planetary Design

What do you get when you combine a love for the outdoors and passion for amazing coffee? Some of the most durable travel French Presses & drinkware available, that’s what! When you love coffee as much as Planetary Design does, coffee storage is just as important as how it’s brewed. It’s got to stop oxygen & humidity from spoiling the freshness, and block deteriorating UV rays - so Planetary Design developed the better-than-airtight line of Airscape® canisters. Re-usable & re-fillable, they are the optimal dry goods storage solution for coffee, tea, brown sugar, nuts, spices, pet treats.….what’s in your Airscape®?

Name: Planetary Design Airscape Bucket Insert Lid
UPC: 645771002381
Manufacturer: Planetary Design