La Pavoni 8-Cup Stradivari Chrome Lever Espresso Machine

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  • Lever options: Chrome and Wood with Chrome
  • Manual piston espresso machine
  • Beautiful nickel plated exterior
  • Triple chrome-plated brass boilers
  • Smooth curved lever mechanism is a tribute to the celebrated Italian violin maker
  • Italian quality
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • Instructional DVD included by La Pavoni
  • Extended 1 Year Warranty

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

The La Pavoni 8-Cup Stradivari incorporates all of the exquisite design features of previous La Pavoni piston lever espresso machines, including the exceptional mirrored brass exterior that wraps the entire machine. The difference? A new, sleekly curved design, whose design is inspired by the famous Italian violin maker by the same name. The knobs on this unit are made of sturdy ABS black plastic, so you won't burn your hands while operating. The boiler has a generous 20 oz capacity, enough to extract 8 rich espresso drinks. In addition to its elegant facade, the Stradivari incorporates a highly intuitive design. The recessed power switch turns the unit's heating system on. Then, after reaching boiling temperature, the unit is always ready to steam or brew. When you are ready to brew a shot of espresso, simply raise the lever (pulling water into the brew chamber), and then lower it (pushing water through the espresso). There is no electrical pump to rely on (or to maintain), just your own bicep strength (don't fret, it doesn't take much)! In addition, a visible water level bar means that you don't have to open the reservoir in order to see how much water remains inside.

Traditional Portafilter

Crema, the deep caramel-colored topping on an espresso coffee, is what proper espresso extraction is all about. The La Pavoni Stradivari has a traditional style chromed brass portafilter allowing for optimal heat retention. This robust 12 oz porta-filter, thanks to its heavy-duty construction and mostly metal mass, creates genuine crema-topped espresso coffee with great ease. The Stradivari comes equipped with both a double and a single porta-filter basket. Brew up to four ounces of espresso in one extraction!

Robust Boiler

Some espresso boilers are made out of cheap metals, like aluminum, which can quickly corrode metal and add an unpleasant flavor to the espresso. The 20 oz reservoir of the La Pavoni Stradivari is made out of triple plated corrosion-resistant chromed brass, for optimal heat retention. In this machine, the reservoir is the boiler, which means you pour water directly into the boiler. Several minutes after being powered on, the entire reservoir is heated to boiling temperature and ready to brew and steam.

As Fast as You Are

One of the most convenient features of the La Pavoni Stradivari is its ability to steam right after it brews, and brew right after it steams. Once the water in the boiler is brought up to temperature, there is ample water and steam to perform any barista's task: foaming or steaming milk or brewing espresso. The all-metal steam wand allows you to foam milk the traditional way for perfect cappuccinos and lattes. Once you complete one task, you can immediately start on the next.

Dual Frothing System

The Stradivari is packaged with an optional automatic Dual Frother aid. Simply attach the black mechanism to the end of the steam wand. A hose ending in your milk source pulls milk directly through the line into this compact device and then dispenses the foamed milk into your cup. Novices and professionals alike will adore the convenience of the Dual Frother.

Name: La Pavoni 8-Cup Stradivari Chrome Lever Espresso Machine
Manufacturer: La Pavoni

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