La Pavoni 16 Cup Stradivari Professional Espresso Machine

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  • Handle options: Chrome and Wood with Chrome
  • 32 oz. capacity
  • Manual piston espresso machine
  • Beautiful nickel plated exterior
  • Triple chrome-plated brass boilers
  • Smooth curved lever mechanism is a tribute to the celebrated Italian violin maker
  • Italian quality
  • Instructional DVD included by La Pavoni
  • Extended Warranty for a total of 2 years

New Sleek Design

The La Pavoni Stradivari Professional features the polished metal body typical of all manual La Pavoni machines. The difference? The Stradivari's smooth curved lever mechanism, a tribute to the celebrated Italian violin maker by the same name. The handles on the Stradivari Professional are made of ABS plastic, so you won't burn your hands while the unit is on. The boiler has a whopping 32 oz capacity, enough to brew up to 16 espressos. A recessed switch powers the unit's heating system on or off. After turning the Stradivari on, the water inside will be heated to operational temperature within minutes. When you are ready to start brewing, lift the metal arm (bringing water into the brew chamber), and then push it down (infusing through the ground espresso). There is no on board electric pump. Instead, your biceps control just how much pressure is achieved during brewing. And, don't worry, you're plenty strong enough! Additionally, a clear water level indicator tells you the how much water remains inside; there's no need to power down the unit and look in the boiler!

Tough Porta-Filter

Crema, the creamy caramel-colored top of an espresso, is the hallmark of a correctly brewed espresso. Only robust porta-filters made of the proper metals can produce true crema. The La Pavoni Stradivari Professional uses a chrome plated brass porta-filter. This is the ideal material for optimal crema production. And, weighing in at a hefty twelve ounces, this porta-filter is plenty massive for your barista needs. The Stradivari Professional comes standard with a single and a double porta-filter insert.

Triple Plated Boiler

Many espresso machines still incorporate inferior metals, such as aluminum, in the composition of their boilers. However, these metals will rapidly corrode the inner surface of the boiler and release a harsh flavor into brewed coffee drinks. The Stradivari Professional's 32 oz boiler is made out of high-grade triple-plated chromed brass, for both optimal heat retention and superior resistance to corrosion. The Stradivari accepts water directly into its boiler, just unscrew the knob on the top of the unit. Just minutes after powering on, the water inside is brought to a boiling temperature, so you to steam or brew right away.

As Fast as You Are

No one likes waiting. Not even the La Pavoni Stradivari Professional! It allows you to start brewing coffee immediately after you finish steaming, or to start steaming right after brewing. After the water in the boiler is totally heated, there is more than enough pressure for performing any barista's task, like frothing or steaming milk. The entirely metal steam wand allows you to foam milk the traditional way, yielding a steaming foam in just minutes. When you are finished steaming, close the tap and you are ready to start brewing coffee immediately.

Dual Frother

The Stradivari comes standard with the automatic Dual Frother device. Just place the compact frother on the end of the frothing wand. A hose attached to the device sucks milk out of your milk container, steams it, then releases it into your cup. It's the ultimate frothing companion for novices and professionals alike.

Name: La Pavoni 16 Cup Stradivari Professional Espresso Machine
Manufacturer: La Pavoni

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