Jura WE6 Professional P.E.P. Espresso and Coffee Center

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  • Easy to use, so anyone can be a barista at the touch of a button
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) brews coffee with a full, rich bouquet and delicious flavor
  • 8 programmable specialty cafe quality drinks quickly and accurately
  • High capacity water tank, bean hopper and used coffee bin reduces downtime
  • Cappuccino, latte macchiato and flat white topped with fine foam at the touch of a button
  • Quiet and perfect for offices, galleries, boutiques and other upscale shops
  • Available high capacity smart water filtration
  • New Fine Foam automatic milk frothing and steaming
  • Swiss design and engineering
  • Included from Jura: 1 Clearyl Smart Water Filter & 2 Cleaning Tablets

The Jura WE6 Professional P.E.P. Espresso and Coffee Center offers easy access to the full range of classic coffee and espresso drinks. With a simple touch of a button, anyone can be a barista, whether in the workplace or in your own kitchen. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) is one of the aspects that makes the Jura WE6 espresso coffee center so great. It includes 8 programmable specialty cafe quality drinks to choose from, making it super easy to get your favorite brew. A high capacity water tank, bean hopper, and used coffee bin reduces downtime. Everything you could need is included in this optimum machine. 

For Use with Superautomatika Blend

It's a little-known fact that Super Automatic espresso coffee centers brew the best coffee when using only a special kind of bean. We highly recommend using our Superautomatika® Blend of coffee with your automatic espresso machine. With a low-oil content, the Superautomatika® Blend is meant to prevent coffee grinders from becoming clogged to ensure consistency in the coffee grounds and prolonging the lifetime of the machine. The beans that make up Superautomatika® Blend are picked, roasted, and blended solely for use in super automatic coffee machine. When you purchase a Jura Automatic Espresso Machine through J.L. Hufford, a sample of this exclusive blend is included.

About Jura

Founded in 1931, this Swiss-based company is one of the leading developers of high-quality household appliances. Jura has been a pioneer in producing automatic espresso/coffee machines since the "80s. Jura has expanded its company into many different companies, and Jura is an internationally recognized brand. The company was founded in a Swiss town and the headquarters are near the end of the Jura Mountains--this range of mountains has given the company its name. The Jura-Capresso connection has brought the Jura products to the U.S. Jura-Capresso strives to be a leader for automatic coffee products for the U.S., with the desire to bring innovation, quality, and practicality into the home-brewing aspect for coffee aficionados. These automatic coffee centers can grind, brew, and self-clean in a minute. There are so many accessories and options available as well, for milk frothing or steaming. All Jura products are 100% Swiss made with quality, precision, and excellence in mind.

Name: Jura WE6 Professional P.E.P. Espresso and Coffee Center
UPC: 794151411784
Manufacturer: Jura
Model Number: 15343
Dimensions: W-17.5 x D-11.6 x H-16.5 inches
Weight: 22 lbs.
Wattage/Volt/Hz: 1450W/120V/60Hz
Standby Power: 0 Watt
Energy Save Mode: No
Display: TFT Color Display
Material: ABS/Stainless Steel
# of Programmable Drinks: 8
Coffee Strength Levels: 8
Number of Bean Hoppers: 1
Capacity per Hopper: 17.6 oz
Maximum Daily Output: 30 Cups
P.E.P: Yes
Thermoblock Heating System: 1
Milk Frothing: Yes
Fine Foam Technology: Yes
Water Tank Capacity: 101 oz
Hot Water Function: 3 Levels
Filter Cartridge: CLEARYL Smart / CLEARYL Pro Smart
Number of Grinders: 1
Grinder Type: AromaG3 grinder

WE6 Instructions for Use

WE6 Instructions for Use (PDF, 2.42 MB)

Manual de uso WE6 (PDF, 2.45 MB)

Mode d'emploi WE6 (PDF, 2.46 MB)

Technical documentation WE6

Technical documentation WE6 (PDF, 419 KB)

Technische Dokumentation WE6 (PDF, 420 KB)

Documentación técnica WE6 (PDF, 422 KB)

Documentation technique WE6 (PDF, 422 KB)

Documentazione tecnica WE6 (PDF, 421 KB)

Technische documentatie WE6 (PDF, 422 KB)

Documentação técnica WE6  (PDF, 424 KB)

Техническая документация WE6 (PDF, 431 KB)

Teknisk dokumentation WE6 (PDF, 423 KB)

1-Year Jura Factory Warranty

Jura offers a three-tiered toll-free customer support service with evening week-day and even Saturday hours means that all of your pressing coffee questions get answered whenever you are in need. All Jura Factory Refurbished Super Automatic units come standard with an exclusive 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty with shipping included to and from the factory service center when installed within the contiguous 48 states. No other company currently matches this level of service.