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FINEX Cast Iron Cover

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  • Round self braised rings keep food moist while cooking
  • Oven safe
  • Allows heat to be retained in pan, even when burners are low
  • Hand polished, American-made solid brass knob

Add a Cover, Bring on the Flavor

Adding a cover to your FINEX cast iron skillet turns your pan into a steam machine! Perfect for the 10" and 12" FINEX cast iron skillet, this cover comes with three circular self-basting rings on top, allowing for moisture to return back to your food to mimic the effect of a dutch oven. Braise, poach, simmer or steam your foods to perfection with this cover. Add this cover to the largest cast iron skillet for a well-rounded cooking experience.


FINEX cast iron pans were created with cooking enthusiasts in mind. FINEX is dedicated to producing high quality cast iron pans that will last for many generations. Handcrafted to perfection in the United States, these pans are some of the best pieces of cookware on the market. Producing delicious results for many years, investing in a high-quality FINEX pan will easily become your family's favorite heirloom.

Name: FINEX Cast Iron Cover
UPC: 853597007026
Manufacturer: FINEX

Use and Care

Comes pre-seasoned: Each FINEX pan comes pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil, making it available to cook when you open the box. It's suggested to do a quick rinse of the pan with warm water, then dry clean. Also use a little oil the first couple uses to build up a solid seasoning, allowing the pan to have a slicker surface.

Cooking with cast iron: Preheat the cast iron pan for a more even heat distribution. Proceed with use after preheating the pan. Cast-iron pans are great for heat retention.

Cleaning the cast iron pan:

Rinse: Scrape off food and rinse using hot water. NEVER use soap.

Dry: Once the pan has been washed, dry it off completely with a dry towel. If it is not dried completely, the pan will begin to rust.

Oil: Warm your cast iron pan over medium heat on the stove and place a thin layer of oil on top. Work oil thoroughly and wipe off the excess. Be sure to let it cool completely before storing it for future use.

Re-seasoning your pan: Re-seasoning sounds like a daunting task, but it's actually very simple:

Preheat your oven to 400° F

Wash and dry your cast iron thoroughly

Once dry, apply a very thin layer of oil throughout the whole surface of the pan, even the outside

Wipe off any excess oil and place into the oven

Place the pan on the oven shelf and bake for one hour. (Place a pan underneath to catch any excess oil that might drip)

Repeat this process if you want to build up multiple layers of seasoning for longevity

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