Blendtec GO Travel Cup

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  • Includes Blendtec GO Micronizer Base, Travel Bottle, Travel Lid, and Four Sample Disposable Cups
  • 30 oz Travel Bottle Has Measurements up to 24 oz
  • Convenient - Blend and Go
  • Three-Year Warranty
Blendtec GO Travel Cup

On the Move

The Blendtec GO Travel Cup offers the first disposable blend-in-cup solution for Blendtec blenders. Whether you use the reusable travel bottle or a compatible disposable cup, blending is quick and easy. The micronizer base adapts Blendtec's high powered blender bases to the smaller container. The included lid makes the travel bottle an on-the-go powerhouse, giving you the flexibility to take your freshly-blended smoothies and shakes anywhere.

About Blendtec

Blendtec was founded in 1975 in Orem, Utah by Tom Dickson. Dedicated to stringent quality standards, Blendtec is made in the USA. Popularly known for the Will It Blend? viral marketing series, in which the blenders' capabilities were tested using an unusual collection of items, from iPhones to marbles. Blendtec machines use a signature five-sided jar which directs food back down into the blades rather than allowing it to swirl up and away from them. Browse Blendtec's collection of blenders and accessories right here at J.L. Hufford.

Name: Blendtec GO Travel Cup
Manufacturer: Blendtec Residential