Drink Chai, Embrace Life

Big Train award-winning chai is a delicious beverage with a blend of honey, vanilla, black tea, and exotic spices. Chai can be enjoyed all year-round by preparing hot, iced, or blended! It is our most popular selling beverage and is available in vanilla, spiced, chocolate, raspberry, reduced sugar vanilla, and decaf spiced. This single serving option is great for testing your taste buds on all the different flavors we offer! Single serving packet prepares one 8 oz. drink.

About the Flavors

Vanilla Chai has beamed itself to the top of the list right next to Spiced Chai for a satisfying year-round drink. This chai tones down other spices to make room for cinnamon and vanilla, which helps it stand apart from the other Big Train flavors offered. The softer spices appeal to those who have more sensitive taste buds and enjoy a drink that keeps them wanting more, down to the last drop. Vanilla Chai has 65 mg of caffeine per serving. Spiced Chai remains one of the most popular selling flavors throughout the entire year. It boasts its spice-infused blend no matter what condition it's in: hot, iced, or blended! Cinnamon and spice with hints of honey and ginger allow this cup of tea to be your cup of tea all year round. We've heard many say it even tastes like Christmas! Spiced Chai has 65 mg of caffeine per serving. Chocolate Chai is hot chocolate's better half. Kids and adults alike love this flavor because of its little kid taste with the big kid attitude. It's chocolate at its best with a delightful taste of tea and spice. With fewer calories, it will also curb the choc-o-holic's daily craving for sweet treats and therefore, less guilt! Chocolate Chai has 50 mg of caffeine per serving. Raspberry Chai is reminiscent of warm raspberry cobbler swirling around your taste buds. No chewing required! Smoother than regular tea, this chai tea offers a blend of spices and flavor. Nothing more than hot water or milk is needed to satisfy your cravings! Raspberry Chai has 65 mg per serving. Reduced Sugar Vanilla Chai tricks your taste buds into thinking they're getting what they want - a sugary beverage. This is not the case; in fact, the Reduced Vanilla allows you to get away with only 4 grams of sugar (from lactose) and the same great flavor as regular Vanilla Chai. We think that's just about as good as it gets! Reduced Vanilla Chai has 65 mg of caffeine per serving. Decaf Spiced Chai is great right before bed to help soothe and relax your mind and muscles. All your worries from the day will melt away when your mug reaches your lips, and you taste this exceptional blend of spices. Decaf Spiced Chai takes all the flavor of regular Spiced Chai and tones it down so that there is only 15 mg of caffeine per serving.

Name: Big Train Chai Tea Latte Mix - 3.5 lb bags - Case of 5 - Single Flavor
UPC: 642628103564
Manufacturer: Big Train

Name: Big Train Chai Tea Latte Mix - 3.5 lb bags - Case of 5 - Single Flavor
UPC: 642628103564
Manufacturer: Big Train

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A J.L. Hufford Customer
United States United States

Raspberry Chai Is Best!

Since I buy Raspberry Chai in Case-of-5 Bulk, I REALLY love this Chai! My wife loves it even more since she's not a coffee drinker but loves this stuff! Oh yeah, if you want to make it really delicious, just add a tablespoonful of local raw unfiltered honey and it becomes even better in flavor AND health benefits! I'm not a doctor, just a well-read consumer. Enjoy it!

United States United States

Love this decaf spice chai

Took an extra day to get it but 1 day isn't a big deal. I was just anxious to get it because I was out. Being sensitive to caffeine, this is perfect. I just wish the caramel chai and raspberry could be decaf as well. They are really my favorite flavors.

United States United States


I have always been so very pleased with not only the product (I love my vanilla chai tea!!) but pleased with the exceptional and prompt service and the very pleasant and professional customer service representatives!! God bless you all!

United States United States

vanilla chai is wonderful


United States United States

Would recommend

Always fast delivery and always correct order

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