Baratza Vario Grinder - 886 Upgrade - Demo Unit

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  • Newest model of Baratza Vario
  • Belt driven ceramic burrs offer precise and consistent grind
  • Minimal heat transfer and no oxidation compared to metal burrs
  • Dramatically improved espresso extraction
  • Upgraded with new Metal PortaHolder is more durable and stable
  • 230 different grind settings using macro and micro adjustment
  • Three programmable dosing buttons for more repeatable espresso pulls
  • Upgraded Baratza Vario item code 886

Commercial Grade Ceramic Burrs

The Baratza Virtuoso boasts extra large grinding burrs allowing it to grind more coffee at the same speed compared to entry level grinders. The 40mm conical cutting burrs in the Virtuoso are similar to those found in heavy-duty commercial coffee grinders. As with all conical burr grinders, the Virtuoso surpasses entry level flat burr grinders and blade grinders by producing consistent grinds from very fine to course, as well as having blades that remain sharp over years of serious use. In addition to exceptional cutting burrs, the burrs themselves have a precision mounting system to ensure a stable platform for accurate grinding. What's more, each Virtuoso is calibrated before it leaves the factory. This ensures that the conical burrs are spaced the precise distance apart for all types of grinding, with 40 fineness settings from Espresso to French Press.

Extra-Powerful Grinding Motor

Larger grinding burrs require an improved motor and additional power to turn. Never one to disappoint, the Baratza Virtuoso is driven by an incredible 240 Watt DC motor. This does not mean that the Virtuoso any faster, however. It employs special gear reduction to make the unit grind more slowly. The power of the motor keeps it from seizing on the finest of grind settings, and the gear reduction protects the flavor of your coffee. Slower grinding means not only a quieter grind, but a cooler grind, resulting in less aroma oils being lost during grinding. In fact, at just 450 RPM, the Baratza Virtuoso grinder delivers the quietest, coolest grind in its class. The new circuitry also incorporates an automatically re-setting thermal cut-off switch for optimal performance.

Smart Grinding

The Baratza Virtuoso has a maximum 60-second timer dial with indefinite increments in between. Are you brewing for a twelve cup French press or a twelve cup coffee maker? The graphically segmented timer dial can be set to the same time each grinding, for ultimate convenience.

Sturdy Build

A brushed satin metallic top with black plastic shield sits on top of a thick metallic base. The base, combined with heavy-duty inner components, make the 8.5 lb. Baratza Virtuoso grinder one of the heaviest in its class. That means little rocking when you remove the grounds container or put a portafilter under the dispensing chute. The frosted plastic bean hopper and grounds container reduces static build-up of coffee grounds.

Easy Espresso Grinding

Need to grind into an espresso portafilter? No problem, the Baratza Virtuoso is also equipped with a "pulse button" on the front. This handy feature lets you grind for just as long as you press the button. Just remove the grounds container and place the portafilter underneath the grounds chute. Then, press the pulse button until the portafilter is filled to the desired level.

Easy Maintenance

The Baratza Virtuoso continues the Baratza Maestro tradition of easy-to-clean grinding burrs. Just twist off the bean hopper, and the inner conical burr can easily be lifted out. The outer burr can then be brushed along with the inner burr. Replace and you're done! No screws or bolts to mess with.

Name: Baratza Vario Grinder - 886 Upgrade - Demo Unit
UPC: 838823009869
Manufacturer: Baratza