Baratza Forte-BG Brew Coffee Grinder - Demo Unit

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  • State of the art grinding system from Baratza, a great addition to any home espresso set-up
  • Very accurate weight measurement system provides the perfect amount of ground coffee each time
  • 10-Ounce Bean Hopper Capacity
  • 5-Ounce Grounds Bin Capacity
  • Unique stopper system allows you to remove the hopper
  • 110 V Power Rating
  • Extremely precise flat hardened steel grinding burrs
  • Designed and Engineered in the United States

About the Baratza Forte - BG Brew Coffee Grinder with Steel Burr

Third wave cafes and home brewing aficionados have loved Baratza's innovation and workmanship for years but have been asking for a heavy duty and precise grinder that is perfectly tuned for brewing methods using fine to coarsely ground coffee. Baratza specially designed a hardened steel flat burr that could compete with the grind quality of its conical burr grinders while maintaining the highly accurate dosing of its weight based espresso grinders. The magic all starts with the powerful new DC motor that features 70% more power than any of the current Vario configurations and with half of the duty cycle. This motor features an all-new belt-drive system to handle the drastic power increase of this motor over previous models. This great new technology provides you with all of the grinder power that you desire while at the same time using less electricity. This new motor technology also helps to reduce the amount of heat this produced when grinding coffee at espresso fineness. Moving next to the outside of this beautiful new grinder, we see a gorgeous all-metal enclosure in place to protect our valuable and sensitive internal components. This metal is high quality and provides a sturdy support system for the machine. In addition, the metal construction of the casing is designed to be easy to clean, durable, and looks absolutely stunning, providing you with a gorgeous accent to fit any sort of kitchen decor. The grinding chamber is also constructed out of high quality metal, this subtle improvement helps to increase the shelf-life and usability of your grinder as it will be more resistant to dings, knicks, and scratches, unlike a lesser quality grinding chamber. This high quality design also helps you when cleaning the machine by giving you a sturdy surface that can withstand a more vigorous cleaning than other systems could. One of the true highlights of this state-of-the-art grinder is an all-new integrated graphic touch-screen user interface. This new system provides you with a real-time feedback on grind-size, grind weight, grind time, and other settings on a beautiful full color screen that is easy to read and durable. Grind settings are controlled via two well-placed metal sliders with indentations for an easy feel and to make setting your grinder a breeze. Baratza understands that the most difficult component to master for any barista is the grind size setting, as even a minute adjustment can have a major impact on the flavor that your coffee presents, therefore they made fine-tuning your grind settings as simple as possible so that you can dial in exactly what you are looking for and spend less time trying to perfect your grind and more time enjoying some delicious espresso. When the grinder has finished, an auto shut off feature keeps your grind level right where it should be. Finally, this Forte grinder features a bean hopper that has a 20% greater capacity than other Baratza grinders, allowing you to grind longer without stopping to refill the hopper. Also included with this special new hopper includes an all-new bean stopper to allow hopper removal with beans inside of it for easy cleanup and storage after use. Overall, this new grinder from Baratza is truly a unique and special machine, giving you more power than ever before and providing you with a perfectly pulled shot of espresso time and time again. This machine is truly designed to be the last grinder that you will ever need!

Name: Baratza Forte-BG Brew Coffee Grinder - Demo Unit
UPC: 838823010957
Manufacturer: Baratza