Baratza Forte-AP Espresso Coffee Grinder - Ceramic Burr - Demo Unit

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  • Extremely accurate weight based measuring system
  • Great for any brewing method; ideal for espresso
  • Dispenses by time or weight into bin with 3 programmable presets
  • "Smart Dose" feature matches weight to time to precisely grind directly into portafilter
  • Shut-off hopper (10 oz) lets you remove the beans without spilling
  • Mahlkönig ceramic flat burr -- harder than steel with less heat transfer
  • Designed and Engineered in the United States
  • Baratza Forte-AP item code 1085

Grinding Made Easy

When you buy a Baratza Grinder, you know that you are getting exactly what was promised, and the all-new Baratza Forte-AP grinder is no exception! Building upon the success of the Vario-W grinder, the Forte-AP delivers everything that you've come to expect from a Baratza grinder and carries many new upgrades that set this grinder apart from all others. Baratza built the Forte-AP to handle the rigors of use in a light volume coffee shop (about 10 drinks an hour). Carry that performance over to the home, and you have a grinder that will last a lifetime. Every dosing option you can think of is included as well. You can grind manual amounts of coffee into the bin, and it will read off the weight. Programmable presets for both weight and time are available, which allows you to tune in the Forte-AP to the precise amount of ground coffee to match the bean blend to your espresso machine. Kicking it up a notch, the Forte-AP features a "Smart Dose" function that makes it remember the amount of time it took to grind your exact weight of coffee directly into the portafilter - no bin required.


Looks to Kill

The exterior of this grinder features a gorgeous all-metal enclosure to protect the valuable and sensitive internal components. The high-quality metal provides a sturdy support system for the machine in addition to making the machine more durable and easy to clean. The AP was designed to look great in any kitchen regardless of decor.



The motor in the all-new Forte-AP grinder delivers 70% more power than any of the current Vario configurations in only half of the duty cycle. The new belt driven system handles the drastic power increase of this motor while remaining as quiet as possible to reduce noise pollution. This great new technology provides you with all of the grinding power that you desire while at the same time using less electricity and producing less heat during the grind, protecting your favorite roast from undesired heat transfer.


All-Star Grinder with Touchscreen Interface

The most striking feature of the Baratza Forte-AP Grinder is the all-new integrated graphic touchscreen user interface. This new system provides the user with real-time feedback on grind size, weight, time and other settings on a beautiful screen that is easy to read. Grind settings are controlled via two metal sliders with indentions for an easy to read and easy to feel experience. Fine-tuning your grind with the AP is as simple as ever, allowing you to dial-in exactly what you are looking for quickly without having to spend a great deal of time finding the right settings. State of the art ceramic burr grinders ensure that even at the finest coarseness settings very little heat is transferred between the burrs and the coffee, preserving the flavors of your coffee. This ceramic burr grinder is fed by one of the largest capacity bean hoppers available on a Barazta grinder to date. This allows you to grind longer without stopping to refill the hopper, and the unique bean stopper allows you to remove the hopper without first emptying all of the beans.

Name: Baratza Forte-AP Espresso Coffee Grinder - Ceramic Burr - Demo Unit
UPC: 838823010858
Manufacturer: Baratza