The Twelve Teas of Christmas Traditional Gift Pack


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  • A great way to bring the spirit of the holiday to your home is this unique tea collection offering from Ashby's.
  • Features simple to use individually wrapped tea bags.
  • Includes unique packaging that could be used as a display item.
  • Each tea bag contains only the finest grade of teas for your drinking pleasure.
  • Included Flavors:
  • Afternoon
  • Apricot
  • Christmas Spice
  • Cinnamon Plum
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Decaf English Breakfast
  • Ginger Peach
  • Japanese Green
  • Raspberry
  • Cinnamon Orange Spice
  • White Pomegranate
A soothing cup of Tea is a perfect way to reflect on the love and joy of family and friends during the busy holiday season. We are proud to offer this unique variety pack from Ashby's that will make this Christmas one to remember forever. Included in this unique Tea set are the following flavors:
  • Afternoon: A blend of the highest black teas from the beautiful, tropical island of Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) which is just off the southern coast of India. This is the perfect tea for celebrating the grand English tradition of High Tea and is the ideal partner for light cakes and cookies.
  • Apricot: The essence of ripe and juicy apricots is blended with the highest quality China Black Keemum tea. Enjoy this tea brewed traditionally or make it "sun tea" style and pour it over ice for a wonderfully refreshing treat.
  • Christmas Spice: Cinnamon, clover nutmeg and orange are blended with black tea to create a delicious Holiday tea.
  • Cinnamon Plum: The rich and aromatic flavor of China Black teas harmonize with the equally rich flavor of plums that have just a hint of spice added to create a treat for your palate.
  • Earl Grey: The finest China Black teas are artfully blended and infused with the oil of Bergamot, a pear-shaped citrus from the Mediterranean.
  • English Breakfast: A hearty blend of black teas from India, Kenya, and Ceylon. A smooth and pleasant cup with a richness that can stand up to the English tradition of adding milk.
  • Decaf English Breakfast: A decaffeinated blend of black teas from India, Kenya, and Ceylon. A smooth and pleasant cup.
  • Ginger Peach: The light flavor of this famous oriental spice enhances the smooth, rich taste of fresh southern peaches and combines with a blend of China Black teas to create a most appealing tea. A delicious blend of fruit and mild spice makes this flavored black tea a favorite.
  • Japanese Green: This pan-fired green tea has a delicate, flowery flavor and lovely golden amber hue. Green tea is prized for its health benefits.
  • Raspberry: Luscious, ripe raspberries and a deliciously tangy, fruity flavor are added to an already outstanding black tea blend.
  • Cinnamon Orange Spice: Cinnamon, orange peel, cloves and nutmeg combine to create a rich, deliciously spicy and sweet tasting flavored cup of tea without the sugar.
  • White Pomegranate: A blend of Chinese White tea and the natural sweetness of pomegranate. A smooth and fruity cup.
Name: The Twelve Teas of Christmas Traditional Gift Pack
Manufacturer: Ashbys