What's a One-Touch?

As of the date of this article, very few coffee espresso centers are truly “one-touch” units. The Jura Impressa Z5 and Jura Impressa Z6 are both true one-touch coffee centers, as is the Saeco Primea Touch Plus.

But just what makes these units different from any other machine considered a "super automatic espresso coffee center?" After all, all super-automatics can brew coffee and espresso at the push of a single button. What’s more, most super-automatics can also be programmed so that the coffee or espresso that is produced is curtailed to meet the strength and volume preferences of the user(s).

The difference between "one-touch" machines and other super-automatics is that a one-touch will brew not only coffee and espresso at the touch of a button, but also cappuccinos and lattes. That is, a one-touch will not only grind, tamp, brew coffee, and dispense of used grounds at the press of just one button, but it will also do all that plus add foamy milk or steamed milk. In addition, just as most super-automatics are now capable of being programmed for user preference, so too can one-touch units be programmed to produce a certain amount of foamed or steamed milk per cycle. The Jura Impressa Z5 and Jura Impressa Z6 both come with a thermal milk container which maintains milk at a serving temperature for many hours. That way, you don't have to pull milk out of the refrigerator and replace it immediately.
In addition to one-touch machines, certain machines, like all Jura Impressa super-automatics, and many Saeco super-automatics, can have a separate milk foaming device hooked up to them. For instance, a Jura S9 Avantgarde comes with a Froth Xpress Plus, which, once attached to the steam wand, is able to foam milk and deposit the foamed milk into a cup at the push of a button. However, since the user must push a button once to foam milk, then once to brew espresso, this is technically not a true one-touch unit.

No matter what type of super-automatic you are considering, each one will cut down not only brewing times, but also the number of trips to your local coffee house! If you are a cappuccino or latte enthusiast who is keen on convenience, a one-touch unit may be for you. If you are mostly a straight espresso, Americano, or crema coffee drinker, the added features of a one-touch may not be necessary for you. In any case, JL Hufford has a wide range of Super Automatic Espresso Machines to suit any coffee drinker’s needs.

Still confused? Give us a call at 877-JLHUFFORD (554-8336), and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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