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Baratza Grinder Brewing Methods Comparison

Which Baratza Grinder do I need for my preferred brewing methods and how should I set my Baratza Grinder?

These critical questions should be answered both before and after purchase of a Baratza Grinder. A good grinder is arguably the most important piece of equipment in the coffee brewing process. We have provided the chart below, courtesy of Baratza, to indicate the recommended starting set point when first using each grinder for the desired brewing method. This is just a recommendation, as both the origin of the coffee beans and their roasting level will influence the setting required to produce the best aroma profile. The Preciso, Vario and Forte series grinders are designed to be fine tuned to precisely match any coffee in the world to your brewing method.

It is important to note that the Forte-BG cannot be used for espresso grinding. Baratza designed it with steel burrs at the request of coffee bars for non-pressurized coffee brewing, such as pour over.

  Encore Virtuoso Preciso Vario Vario-W Forte-AP Forte-BG
Chemex #21 #20 #20D 9L 9L 9L 7O
Hario #14 #13 #13B 6M 6M 6M 4F
Siphon/ Vacuum #13 #12 #12B 5N 5N 5N 3N
French Press Pot #30 #28 #28G 10B 10B 10B 8L
Drip Brewers #15 #14 #14F 6M 6M 6M 4Z
AeroPress #14 #13 #13B #6M #6M #6M #4M
Espresso #5 #4 #4C 2Q 2Q 2Q *