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For over 45 years, Ascaso Factory has built a reputation based on quality, customer service and innovation. Founder Jesús Ascaso discovered his passion for coffee in the 1950s as a factory worker fabricating espresso parts for companies like Gaggia. With a head full of ideas and a commitment to integrity and quality, Jesús founded Ascaso Factory SA in Barcelona, Spain in 1962. It began as an espresso machine spare parts supplier but quickly grew into a worldwide brand, as Ascaso supplies espresso parts to more than 50 countries. Jesús' son, José Luis Ascaso, has taken over the reigns in the past 10 years with world-class leadership. He created an espresso machine factory and has been outsmarting the Italian espresso manufacturers ever since.

One of Ascaso's greatest traits is that he humbly listens to his customers and distributors, so that improvements are always being made. Ascaso's ISO 9001 facility only allows the highest quality espresso machines and grinders, like the Dream UP V2, ARC V2, I-1, I-2 out the door. And to this very day, Jesús Ascaso works in his factory about 18 hours per day for six months of the year. For the remainder of the year, he lives in the town he left over 50 years ago - taking care of his tomatoes and honey. Shop Ascaso espresso machines and coffee grinders below.