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Blendtec Free Twister Jar with purchase of residential blender

Blendtec Blenders & Mixers

Founded in 1975, Blendtec’s mission was to provide powerful and innovative blenders to the individual consumer that could blend together a smoothly as easily and efficiently as they could mix together soups, sauces, ice creams and more. Today, Blendtec blenders and mixers are known for their incredible power and reliability wrapped into one premium and luxurious package. Many may even remember their popular line of “Will It Blend?” commercials demonstrating the strength of Blendtec blades and motors. Shop for your next Blendtec blender with J.L. Hufford!

Stealth On-Counter Twister Package Stealth On-Counter WildSide Package Stealth In-Counter Twister Package Stealth In-Counter WildSide Package
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