National Coffee Month Premium Espresso Kit

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It's National Coffee Month! To celebrate, we're offering this premium espresso kit for only $998! This kit includes a Jura Glass Milk Container, a one pound bag of our famous Superautomatika beans, and the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Center with P.E.P.. These three together are guaranteed to make a superb espresso to start your day with. 

The Jura Glass Milk Container makes it easy to brew up one of your favorite milk-based drinks, such as a flat white or cappuccino. The Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Center is compatible with this milk container, and is one of the finest automatic espresso machines on the market! Brew espresso, coffee, cappuccino and more with ease using the integrated display and intuitive rotary switch. Extracted using Jura's Pulse Extraction Process, coffee is sure to be full-bodied and contain the full bouquet of coffee aromas. And when you pair it with our famous Superautomatika Coffee Blend then the results are out of this world!

Name: National Coffee Month Premium Espresso Kit
Manufacturer: J.L. Hufford