National Coffee Month French Press Starter Kit

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It's National Coffee Month! To celebrate, we're offering this incredible French Press Starter Kit. This kit includes the classic J.L. Hufford French Press, a one pound bag of J.L. Hufford French Roast coffee beans, and the Capresso Cool Grind Blade Grinder. This kit has everything you would need to make a delicious cup of french pressed coffee first thing in the morning!

The J.L. Hufford French Press can holds enough to make 8 cups and comes with three filters that are easy to replace! The Capresso Cool Grind Blade Grinder allows you to quickly and easily grind coffee to your desired consistency. For a French pressed cup of coffee, we recommend a coarser ground coffee. Last but not least, J.L. Hufford French Roast was made for a French press. It's a darker roast with full body and a delicious aroma. These three together are an ideal trio.

Name: National Coffee Month French Press Starter Kit
Manufacturer: J.L. Hufford