National Coffee Month Elite Espresso Kit

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It's National Coffee Month! To celebrate, we're offering you an incredible bundle! We call this one our Elite Espresso Kit. The kit includes a one pound bag of our Italian Roast coffee, one box of Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements, and the iconic Rancilio Silvia V6 Espresso Machine and Rocky Grinder Combo. These three items together make an incredible trio!

The J.L. Hufford Italian Roast Coffee blend is our famous espresso roast; a secret blend of light, medium, and dark roasted beans for excellent body and crema to your espresso - ideal for traditional style espresso. The Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement for Espresso is a fantastic way to make your espresso taste better. By adding one supplement to one gallon of water that you use for your coffee, you can easily taste the difference in the bolder flavor of your espresso. Last but not least, the Rancilio Silvia V6 Espresso Machine and Rocky Grinder Combo is the ultimate espresso machine and grinder combo you can find on the market. Elevate your at-home coffee bar today with this incredible bundle!

Name: National Coffee Month Elite Espresso Kit
Manufacturer: J.L. Hufford