La Pavoni 8 Cup Europiccola Chrome Lever Espresso Machine

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  • Manual piston espresso machine
  • Internationally acclaimed
  • Mirrored chrome exterior
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • Instructional DVD included by La Pavoni
  • 1 Year Extended Warranty

La Pavoni 8 Cup Europiccola Chrome Lever Espresso Machine


Beauty for the Ages

This Europiccola polished chrome model has an eight cup (20 ounce) capacity. The all metal exterior is complemented by a sturdy ABS black plastic drip tray and grid. In addition to its elegant design, the Europiccola boasts an intelligent set of features. The power switch activates the machine's heating element. After reaching boiling temperature, the unit is ready to produce continuous steam. When it's time to brew, simply raise the lever (pulling water into the group head), and lower it (pushing water through the espresso). Instead of relying on electricity to pump water through the espresso grounds, your arm does all the work!

Traditional Porta-Filter

Crema, the rich dense topping on an espresso, is the prize of every espresso lover. The La Pavoni Europiccola has a traditional style chromed brass porta-filter designed for perfect heat retention. A massive 12 oz porta-filter relies on proper construction and metal mass to create a genuine crema-topped espresso. The La Pavoni Europiccola includes a single and double ground coffee porta-filter basket for brewing one or two shots.

Heavy Duty Heating System

Some espresso boilers are made out of low grade corrosive metals, like aluminum, which an also add unpleasant flavor to the coffee. The 20 oz reservoir of the La Pavoni Europiccola is made out of corrosion-resistant chromed brass, for quick heating and maximal heat retention. After five minutes, the entire reservoir is heated to 225 degrees F.

Dual Frothing Systems

Turn the Europiccola on, and after five minutes the reservoir is heated to boiling so that an internal pressure of .7 to .8 bar can be maintained. The all-metal steam wand allows you to foam milk for cappuccinos or steam for lattes and mochas. Since the Europiccola pulls water out of the boiler and relies on you to push it through ground coffee, there is no waiting between steaming and brewing or brewing and steaming. In addition, this Europiccola chrome model includes an automatic milk frother, which siphons milk out of a milk container, foams it, and dispenses it onto your coffee.

Name: La Pavoni 8 Cup Europiccola Chrome Lever Espresso Machine
Manufacturer: La Pavoni
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