Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler

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Keep Milk Fresh and Cool

The Jura-Capresso Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler is a temperature-controlled milk container. It is compact, keeps milk cold without the possibility of freezing, and keeps the milk fresh and ready. The active cooling is set to 39 °F before heating or frothing, and it automatically maintains it within an optimal range. The basic controls can cool the milk down to 25 °F below the ambient temperature. This is the ideal way to keep your milk fresh so that you can have the silkiest foam or creamiest hot milk. The Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler features a removable, dishwasher safe stainless steel container (20 oz) and a Bayonet lid that will snap close and seal tightly. It can be connected to both sides of Jura's machines for perfect organization. This product features a manual on/off switch with a small LED light to confirm the operation. For an accessory that fits all of the premium Jura espresso makers & coffee machines, the Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add milk to their beverages. This container is available in a half-liter or 34-ounce option. Swiss made.


The Jura-Capresso Cool Control will work with any FrothXpress-equipped Impressa or ENA Automatic Coffee Center, such as the ENA 9, S7, and S9 Avantgarde that come standard with the automatic milk frother. It also connects to any Impressa One Touch model such as the S9 One Touch, J9, Z5, Z6, or Z7. Any other Jura-Capresso automatic coffee center can be upgraded with the FrothXpress add-on to work with the Cool Control.

About Jura

Founded in 1931, this Swiss-based company is one of the leading developers of high-quality household appliances. Jura has been a pioneer in producing automatic espresso/coffee machines since the "80s. Jura has expanded its company into many different companies, and Jura is an internationally recognized brand. The company was founded in a Swiss town and the headquarters are near the end of the Jura Mountains--this range of mountains has given the company its name. The Jura-Capresso connection has brought the Jura products to the U.S. Jura-Capresso strives to be a leader for automatic coffee products for the U.S., with the desire to bring innovation, quality, and practicality into the home-brewing aspect for coffee aficionados. These automatic coffee centers can grind, brew, and self-clean in a minute. There are so many accessories and options available as well, for milk frothing or steaming. All Jura products are 100% Swiss made with quality, precision, and excellence in mind.

Name: Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler
UPC: 794151410763
Manufacturer: Jura
  • Available in .5-Liter and 1-Liter options
  • Keeps milk cold and fresh for a long period of time without freezing it
  • Basic controls
  • Cools milk down to 25° below the ambient temperature
  • Automatically chills milk down to 39 degrees F before any heating or frothing
  • Bayonet lid that snaps closed and functions much like a mini-refrigerator for your milk alone
  • Designed to fit all of the premium Jura Products

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