J.L. Hufford 1 lb. Superautomatika Blend Decaf Coffee

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  • Now in a decaffeinated variety
  • Crafted specifically for super-automatic espresso machines
  • Features a rich backbone and exceptionally full body with low acidity
  • Produces a rich layer of crema
  • Perfectly roasted to bring out the hidden flavors and rich undertones
  • Sealed in light-proof and air-proof bags for maximum freshness

Decaf Coffee Made for Super Automatic Espresso Machines

J.L. Hufford Superautomatika Decaf Blend coffee sets the standard in coffee beans designed for high pressure brewing (cafe crema, crema coffee, and Cafe Suisse). The blend has been crafted solely for use in super-automatic coffee centers, and is not recommended for drip coffee machines, percolators, stovetop moka coffee makers, or non-super-automatic espresso makers. We start with pure 100% Indonesian Arabica, picked only in precise coordination with the appropriate altitude and proximity to the sea. Additionally, our Arabica beans are both grown and picked only in the most ideal climates. Each of these factors: proximity to the sea, altitude, and climate play essential roles in shaping the characteristics of a coffee bean. That's because varying humidity and salt content in the air can adversely affect the roasting of a bean being crafted for pressure-brewed coffee. Next, premium grade fully washed Robusta beans are added. Combining Robusta beans is an exact science. Most Robusta beans are substandard, cracked, misshapen, small, and overly bitter. Even when only premium Robusta is used in a coffee blend, if you add too much, the flavor suffers. Add too little and you wind up with a short head on your crema coffee. Superautomatika Decaf Blend uses not only the finest grade Robusta, but also the perfect Robusta to Arabica ratio. Any super-automatic blend worth your time and your palette has some dark roasted beans. The problem is that super-automatics don't like oily beans. Yet, it is usually tough to find a dark, fresh bean that is not also oily. That's where our master roasters come in. Manning the most sophisticated machines with highly sensitive electronic eyes that "see" inside a coffee bean, our roasting experts have overcome the oily bean conundrum. That means a longer grinder life as well as a delicious cup. Superautomatika Decaf Blend will work in all Jura-Capresso, DeLonghi, Saeco, Krups, Bosch, Solis, Spidem, and Gaggia machines. It will deliver both espresso and crema-coffee, and has been tested at water volumes between 1/2 to 16 ounces, ground coffee volumes between 6 to 16 grams, and coarse through fine grind settings. Although it will still deliver an exceptional crema at any temperature setting, if your unit has adjustable temperature settings, we advise using the maximum setting. Additionally, Superautomatika Decaf Blend produces the finest cup when you start with fresh, cold, filtered water. J.L. Hufford Coffee and Tea Company believes that there is really only one perfect crema coffee blend, and we have poured over what that blend is for years. The flavor is deep with a rich backbone and an exceptionally full body. It's low acidity and tall crema give way to a remarkable finish: subtle and buttery. The roasts in the blend are medium, medium/dark, and dark.

Name: J.L. Hufford 1 lb. Superautomatika Blend Decaf Coffee
UPC: 749531640582
Manufacturer: J.L. Hufford
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John R.
United States

Great coffee, Great service!

Simply the best!

John R.
United States

Always the best!

Excellent! This coffee simply is the best!

John R.
United States

great service

The beans have not arrived yet, but love buying from your great staff. Your service is simply and wonderfully the best.

John Rogers
Indianapolis, IN United States

always excellence

Always courteous, great service, excellent employees. Shipping quick, usually 2 days. Simply the best!