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DeLonghi Magnifica Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • One touch coffee and/or milk based drinks
  • Consistent brewing every time--perfect temperature, richness and density
  • Patented Latte Crema System delivers the best milk frothing
  • Customize drinks to your favorite tastes and temperatures
  • Easy to clean brewing and milk system--no chemicals needed
  • Built-in water filtration system

Upgraded One Touch Cappuccino and Latte

Easily create barista-quality espresso drinks in one touch with the DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM23460S. Upgraded with a new milk frothing system with 3 foam settings, you can This machine is perfect for drinks like Cappuccinos, Lattes, Italian Macchiatos, and even hot milk without coffee! Simply attach the milk container with integrated frothing system to the machine and press the Cappuccino button to make your milk-based beverage. The machine does the rest of the work, using steam to siphon the cold milk and blend it with air and steam to deliver it directly into your cup. Espresso is brewed immediately after the milk is dispensed. The milk container can be detached and placed in the fridge between uses, so no milk is wasted! Get the most out of your machine with our Superautomatika Blend Coffee made specifically for super automatic espresso machines.

Full Beverage Menu

The DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM23460S takes up less space on the counter while leaving more over headroom than many other models. However, the smaller size does not mean less power. The selector dial allows you to choose between standard cafe sizes from espresso, cafe lungo, to the longer Swiss Crema Coffee, and even the programmable "My Coffee" beverage. The coffee strength button allows you to choose between 5 flavor settings from extra-mild to extra-strong. If you would like to quickly remake your previous drink, the DeLonghi ECAM23460S remembers your last choic and will make the same drink at the push of a button. The Magnifica S features intuitive communication with familiar icons that illuminate to tell you what function the machine is performing or if it needs you to do something like add water or beans or empty the used coffee drawer or descale the boiler. Additional features include 4 programmable temperature settings, energy-saving auto shut-off, instant reheat, and a counter for the number of cups brewed.

Live Visual Beverage Programming

DeLonghi designed the ECAM23460S so that you could easily set it to remember your favorite espresso and milk-based drinks. The Magnifica S already comes preset with 4 standard cafe espresso and coffee sizes, but it also includes the "My Coffee" option so you can make your own creation. Turn the rotary dial to "My Coffee" and hold the 1 cup button until the icon begins flashing. When the desired amount of coffee has been dispensed, press the 1 cup button again and the Magnifica S will remember that setting.

Dual Stainless Steel-Lined ThermoBlock Heating

The DeLonghi Magnifica S uses 2 stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers to provided brewing and steaming power for your coffee drinks with a very fast cycling time. Unlike traditional boilers, thermoblocks offer rapid warm-up times paired with efficient, on-demand water usage. Turn on the Magnifica S, and it will be ready to brew and steam in just a few moments. ThermoBlock technology channels the water through the heating element while minimizing the amount of water heated to what the user demands. This process ensures water does not become stale sitting in a boiler for an extended period of time, and the stainless steel lining prevents your fresh water from ever acquiring a metal taste. Additionally, the Magnifica S has a cup warming platform set just above the boiler to help pre-warm your espresso or coffee cups.

Air-Tight Low-Noise Conical Burr Grinder

DeLonghi engineered the grinder to be easy on the ears. The professional-grade, hardened steel conical burrs rotate at a low speed with minimal noise to produce consistent, fresh, and aromatic espresso and coffee. It is fed by a 5.3-ounce coffee bean hopper and has 13 different fineness adjustments to accommodate a wide variety of coffee roasts. In addition, the bean hopper lid has a rubber seal to keep air out as well as a tinted lid to reduce the degrading effects of UV rays. This will keep your coffee fresher over time.

Pre-Ground Coffee Bypass Doser

If you like to experiment with new coffee roasts or have a need for decaf from time to time, the DeLonghi Magnifica S offers a clever pre-ground option so that you do not have to swap out beans from the grinder. Simply add 1 scoop (scoop included) of freshly ground coffee into the funnel and have a custom brew in seconds.

Hot Water Spout

The milk frothing container easily removes for use of the hot water function. Simply place the spout over the discharge. For safety, a sensor tells the ECAM23460S to not operate the steam or hot water if no part is placed over the discharge.

Front-Mounted Water Tank

The ECAM23460S's 57 ounce water tank is visible from the side but pulls straight out from the front so that you never need to pull out the entire machine just to fill the water tank.

Direct-To Brew System

DeLonghi designers know their coffee and have implemented patented grinding technology so that "What you grind is what you brew." The conical burr grinder discharges directly into DeLonghi's variable brew group that can brew up to 2 drinks at once. The removable brew group is easy to clean (just rinse under warm water) to ensure a tasty brew and long life of the Magnifica Digital. Additionally, the ultra-compact size of the brew group reduces the distance water must travel and ultimately results in hotter coffee in your cup.

About Delonghi

Founded in 1902 by the De' Longhi family, Delonghi was originally a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. Eventually they expanded into portable heaters and air conditioners, and from there into nearly every category of smaller domestic appliances. Now Delonghi is known for their coffee and espresso machines which provide a simple, intuitive experience. Shop a wide range of Delonghi espresso machines and accessories on J.L. Hufford today.

Name: DeLonghi Magnifica Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine
UPC: 044387234603
Manufacturer: DeLonghi

Cleaning And Descaling

As with any coffee or espresso machine, the DeLonghi Magnifica XS must be properly maintained to ensure long life and excellent taste. Thankfully, DeLonghi engineers made this process a breeze. To clean the brewing system, simply turn the power off on your Magnifica XS and then open the front door. Remove the brew group, rinse under warm water and replace. Descaling of the boiler is also a critically important process, especially if you are not using treated water. The Magnifica XS will alert you when you need to descale based on the water hardness level indicated on the provided test strip. The process is fully automated; when the descale light begins flashing, all you must do is add the solution and press a button.

2-Year Limited Warranty

This warranty is good for two (2) years, starting from the date of the purchase by the original owner. Delonghi warrants their appliances to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by unauthorized alterations, or apply to appliances that are abused, misused, neglected, or suffer incidental or consequential damage. The warranty is limited to repairing defective part(s) at their factory. In the event of a product replacement or return, the unit must be returned with the transportation prepaid. The repaired or replacement model will be returned at the company's expense. Contact Delonghi directly for warranty questions. Proof of purchase is required.

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