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  Wusthof Classic 7" Santoku Knife with Cutting Board

Wusthof Classic 7" Santoku Knife with Cutting Board

  • This package delivers an excellent alternative to the chef’s knife in the Santoku knife, a true multi-use kitchen tool sure to be a favorite among chefs and a beautiful bamboo cutting board
  • Precision forged from a single piece of high carbon, stain resistant German steel
  • Hand honed PEtec is laser verified to provide the sharpest possible cutting edge
  • Ergonomic and comfortable black poly handle is triple riveted to provide a steady and sure grip
  • Bamboo cutting board gives a sturdy and reliable cutting surface that looks as good as it performs
  • Made in Germany, Lifetime Warranty
  • Wusthof Item Number 1550

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Regular Price: $165.00
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Wusthof Classic 7" Santoku Knife with Cutting Board

Wusthof is now offering the tremendous value of their most popular Santoku Knife paired with a bamboo cutting board at no extra cost to you! Packaged in one convenient box, this product includes the Wusthof Classic 7 Inch Santoku Knife and the Wusthof 8 by 12.5 inch bamboo utility board. The hollow edge of this Wusthof Santoku Knife creates air pockets that allow food to fall away cleanly without sticking to the blade. Thanks to the ultra-sharp PEtec edge you can slice thinner cuts with more tender meats such as fish, or use the Wusthof Classic 7" Santoku Knife to dice and chop onions, peppers, and other vegetables. This Asian cook's knife is curved so that the blade does the work for you, and as a fully forged knife, this Santoku is unbelievably sharp. Lifetime Wusthof Guarantee. Wusthof item number 1550.

Wusthof 1550 Classic Santoku Knife with Cutting Board Set Includes:

  • 7-in. Santoku Knife
  • 8 x 12.5 x 0.5-in Bamboo Cutting Board
Wusthof Classic Series Knives

Wusthof Classic Series Features

Every Wusthof Classic knife is forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength strength, balance and heft. The Classic black handles are made of synthetic material triple riveted to the full tang for a seamless and hygienic fit. Not only comfortable to hold, but the skillfully honed by hand blades are also incredibly sharp, and are easily resharpened. Made in Germany, Lifetime Guarantee.
Why Choose a Forged Steel Knife?

Why Choose a Forged Steel Knife?

Wusthof forged knives start with quality steel that undergoes extreme heat and hand moulding to enhance the flexibility, density, and hardness of the blade. Forged knives are hand crafted and offer greater strength and durability as well as better balance, a heavier feel and lasting sharpness compared to stamped cutlery. The tang of a forged knife always extends into the handle to improve the balance and ergonomics.
About Wusthof

About Wusthof Forged Knives

Each Wusthof knife is precision forged from a single piece of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. This specialized high carbon, stain-resistant alloy ensures that the critical characteristics of each Wusthof knife are right there from the beginning: razor sharp, long-lasting cutting edge that is both highly stain resistant and easily restorable (able to be sharpened). This formula is imprinted on each forged blade is the following world-renowned Wusthof steel formula: X50 CrMoV15
X = Stainless Steel Mo = Molybdenum
50 = 0.5% carbon – significant for sharpness V = Vanadium for hardness and edge retention
Cr = Cromium for stain-resistance 15 = Contents of chromium (15%)

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