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S-Series: Personal Blenders

C-Series: Classic Blenders

G-Series: Next Generation

Creates a variety of recipes for every meal of the day and precise textures from coarse to fine.

Superior customer support

Hardened, stainless steel blades

High-performance motor

Precision controls

Full warranty

5 Year 7 Year 7 Year

Easy to clean

Vitamix online recipe support

Instructional DVD

Container size

20/40 oz Classic 64 oz Low Profile 64 oz

Optimum batch size

Small Medium Large

Footprint (in square inches)

49.2 63.4 72.4

Additional container sizes available

Fits under most overhead cabinets

Dual-purpose container / to-go cup

Dishwasher safe containers & blades (top rack)

Alternate color options available

Program settings available

Illuminated controls

Vitamix.com price range

$259 - $469 $299 - $699 $429 - $719
Shop S-Series: Personal Blenders Shop C-Series: Classic Blenders Shop G-Series: Next Generation

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