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The Perfect Knife for Any Use

In the culinary world variety and preparing something outstanding is the key to success. Due to this, WÜSTHOF offers more than 350 different kind of knives to be able to provide the perfect knife for everyone . No matter which kind of blade and handle shape you are thinking of- WÜSTHOF has the right knife for all your needs.

Peeling knife

The curved blade shape is ideally suited for peeling, cleaning or shaping any fruit or vegetable with a rounded surface. Also known as a turning knife or bird´s beak peeler.

Paring knife

This straight edge design offers precise depth control for decorating and garnishing as well as peeling, mincing and dicing.

Paring knife

The most versatile of all knives: for mincing shallots, onions and herbs as well as cleaning and cutting vegetables.

Tomato knife

The serrated edge slices even the ripest tomato as thin as you crushing. The forked tip is great for serving.

Decorating knife

Create crinkle-cut french fries, decorative garnishes and crudities, even eye catching butter paddies.

Steak knife

The extra-sharp blade is not only a must for cutting the favourite steak but also for all kinds of meat dishes.

Boning knife

De-boning chicken or ham, trimming fat and sinews. The tapered, pointed blade is a necessity for working closely around joints.

Fillet knife

Filleting delicate fish or preparing carpaccio - it´s easier with this extra thin, flexible blade.

Bread knife

Fresh, crunchy breads, even cutting the birthday cake - the serrated edge does it all.

Carving knife

Perfect for the larger cuts of meat and for breaking down larger fruits and vegetables.

Cook's knife

No kitchen is complete without at least one of these manually-operated food processors. It is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. For the coarse or fine chopping, mincing and dicing of virtually every kind of food. Perfectly balanced, an extension of your hand.

Salmon slicer

The ultimate specialty knife designed solely for the paper-thin slicing of this delicate cut of fish.


With the thin and flexible blade items can be lifted without damaging the underside. Perfect also for spreading dough.

Straight meat fork

As a carving or serving fork, you´ll have a good hold on most anything.

Sharpening steel

Keeping knives sharp is easy if you sharpen them often on a WÜSTHOF sharpening steel.

Diamond knife sharpener

Dull knives can be easily sharpened with a steel which is coated with industrial diamonds.