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The Cook's Knife: The Most Important Kitchen Tool

1. The mid section of the blade is remarkably appropriate for either firm or soft food. The gentle curve of the blade is ideal for mincing of leeks, chives, parsley etc. Caution: Cook´s knives purposely have been ground extra thin for the ultimate cutting performance. Chopping through bones will damage the fine edge. For doing this please refer to our assortment of Cleaver.
2. The front of the blade is suitable for many small cutting jobs. It is particularly useful for chopping onions, mushrooms, garlic and other small vegetables.
3. The sturdy spine of the blade can be used to break up small bones or shellfish.
4. The weight distribution is optimal at the heel of the blade and is used to chop through extremely firm food objects.
5. The wide flat surface of the blade is suitable for flattening and shaping of meat cuts such as fillet as well as for lifting of the chopped product.

How do I use a Cook's Knife?

A cook´s knife is of great importance in every kitchen and for a professional Chef it is the most essential one. For use at home we suggest using a cook's knife of a blade length up to 20cm. Larger knives are mostly used in professional kitchens. However, the most important factor when it comes to buying knives is to feel it. Let the sales person hand you the knives you like so that you can make an informed decision based on comfort and weight. There are several different ways to hold and work with a knife efficiently. These pictures will show you a technique preferred by chefs.

Gently place three fingers around the handle. The middle finger is placed onto the bolster. Thumb and pointing finger clasp the blade left and right (vice versa for lefties). That´s how you safely hold your knife.

How to cut correctly

Please hold the cook´s knife as explained above. Hold the food which you wish to cut with your left hand (vice versa for lefties). The fingertips point towards you so that they don´t touch the blade. The fingers hold on to the blade and guide the knife during cutting. So now you are good to go. Gently push the knife forward in mincing motion by following the shape of the blade. Please make sure that the tip always remains on the cutting board Start carefully and slowly. After a certain time you will develop a routine. You hardly need any pressure at all. The balanced knife will do the job almost by itself.

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