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  Technivorm Moccamaster K-741 Coffee Brewer - Matte Silver

Technivorm Moccamaster K-741 Coffee Brewer - Matte Silver

  • Certified by the SCAA for proper brewing and coffee extraction
  • Brews 10 European cups (40 oz)
  • Available in matte silver
  • BPA-free
  • Includes glass carafe
  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Five year warranty
  • Regular Price: $239.00
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    Technivorm Moccamaster K-741 Coffee Brewer - Matte Silver

    SCAA-Certified Coffee Brewer

    Technivorm coffee makers were the first to be certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to conform to strict industry standards for proper coffee extraction, and they continue to be the highest regarded coffee brewers in the coffee enthusiast community. The unique copper heating element of the Technivorm K-741 maintains a brewing temperature between 198 and 205 degrees. The glass carafe holds the brewed coffee between 176 and 185 degrees. Brewing is completed within 5 to 6 minutes. Simple water pathways ensure your water and coffee touch as few materials as possible to protect the delicate aromas. The cone-shaped filter and 9-hole water spray head encourage even extraction.
    Technivorm Glass Carafe

    Glass Carafe with Cycling Hot Plate

    While most coffee experts will agree that a thermal carafe coffee maker is best at preserving the delicate aromas, the Technivorm K-741 employs a special cycling hot plate designed to avoid overcooking brewed coffee in its 10-cup (European 4 ounce) glass carafe. Instead of using nearly the full power of the heating element, as do lower-end brands, the K-741 hot plate switches periodically between 65 Watts and no power. This increases the time which brewed coffee stays hot without turning the bottom of the pot into sludge. The hot plate automatically shuts off 100 minutes after brewing.
    Technivorm Copper Heating Element

    Copper Heating Element with Quiet Brew Cycle

    The driving force behind the stable brewing temperatures on the Technivorm K-741 is its specially designed high-power copper heating element. View the video in the Product Demos tab to see what we mean by a unique design. Temperatures are very stable from start to finish, which is critical for proper coffee extraction. After testing our first Technivorm, we have confirmed reports that it is significantly quieter than traditional automatic drip coffee makers. This is owed to the high-quality materials used.
    Techinvorms are Easy to Clean

    Easy to Clean

    Technivorm designed the K-741 to be simple to clean, so that parts do not build up residue that alters the taste of brewed coffee. Both the spray arm and brew basket are fully removable. The brew basket intentionally does not have an automatic drip stop, to prevent this kind of buildup in either the stopper or the carafe lid. The glass carafe is NOT dishwasher safe, but rinses and cleans easily.

    Original High Quality Smitdesign

    Every other part of the Technivorm K-741 Moccamaster Coffee Brewer is chosen for quality and also a purpose. The solid aluminum body lasts a lifetime. The BPA-Free water tank is made from high-density plastic. The 9-Hole water spray head is chrome-plated copper. The Auto-Safety Shut-Off protects the coffee maker: it shuts off when all water is depleted from the tank and the hot plate shuts off after 100 minutes.

    Hand Made in Holland, Netherlands

    Each Technivorm K-741 Matte Silver Coffee Brewer is handmade and individually tested in the Netherlands. Rigorous quality standards ensure the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind that your Technivorm coffee brewer is built not only by skilled artisans, but also by true coffee enthusiasts with a passion for delivering the most esteemed drip coffee brewers to homes around the world.

    Five Year Warranty

    Thanks to the incredible build quality of Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewers, every single unit is offered with a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty for household use only. This warranty is limited to defects and workmanship, and has general exclusions for improper use, lack of maintenance such as descaling, and catastrophe. The Technivorm K-741 is also backed by JL Hufford's 30 Day Satisfaction Policy.

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