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Shun Reserve 3.5" Paring Knife

Shun Reserve 3.5" Paring Knife

  • The perfect tool for those precision cutting jobs in every kitchen, this unique tool will make a great gift for an aspiring chef or for yourself
  • Handcrafted from the highest quality stainless steel
  • Razor sharp cutting edge is designed to be easy to maintain
  • Ergonomic PakkaWood handle is contoured to fit your hand and provide a sturdy grip
  • Made in Japan, Lifetime Warranty

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Shun Reserve 3.5" Paring Knife


Perfect for smaller tasks like coring, trimming, peeling, and decorative work, the paring knife is known as one of three essential knives everyone serious about cooking must own. The Shun Reserve 3.5" Paring Knife gives you the traditional Japanese 16° edge on the body of western-style knife, wrapped in a coat of unique beauty. The style of knife is Kasumi, with 32 layers of nickel/stainless steel clad on the coveted SG-2 core, similar to Damascus. This beautiful "flowing ladder" pattern is revealed during the last few steps of the 100 it takes to make a Shun knife. The Pakkawood® handle is contoured to fit your hand, and triple riveted with the middle sporting an interesting mosaic Samurai family crest. Fruits and vegetables are no match for this strong and durable Shun knife. Handcrafted in Japan. Lifetime Warranty. Shun item number ND0700.

SG-2 Micro Carbide Steel Cutting Core

Unlike the other Shun cutlery lines, the Reserve is the only to use the exotic SG-2 "powdered steel" for its solid core. This intense process for a making a Reserve knife includes a "powderizing" phase which mixes and heats iron, carbon, and other elements to a molten state, only to separate and cool the mixture into tiny micro droplets, or powder. This eventually gives the SG-2 steel the perfect sized carbides and element dispersal throughout the cutting core. The powder is put through another intense process where it is placed inside a large pressurized chamber and compressed into a perfectly large ingot. We now have an ultra-dense grain structure with no imperfections or weak points. After it is sharpened and clad, you have a knife with a Rockwell hardness of 64, impeccable edge retention, and a razor-sharp and smooth blade.

Shun Technology Highlights

  • 16° Angle: Blade is sharpened to 16°; 32° comprehensive. Ensures food is cut properly and precisely; no torn or bruised food so ingredients retain the same flavor and freshness.
  • PakkaWood® Handles: Resin-impregnated natural hardwood; waterproof, durable, comfortable; won’t harbor bacteria.
  • Awards: Blade Magazine’s Blade Show Kitchen Knife of the Year winner (2003 - Classic 8” Santoku, 2005 – Ken Onion 8” Chef’s, 2006 – Elite 10” Chef’s, 2007 – Kaji, 2008 – Shun Classic Line, 2010 Premier Line, 2011 – Fuji Line). Shun has won many more industry awards for beauty, performance, and innovation.
  • Complimentary lifetime sharpening service (you ship, they sharpen)
  • Designers: Bob Kramer, Ken Onion, Alton Brown
  • NSF Certified
  • Lifetime warranty
Shun Reserve Series Knives

Shun Reserve Series Features

Originally designed by Bob Kramer, the stunning and powerful Shun Reserve line is geared towards the Western-style knife users who are seeking a stronger blade and edge, as well as a perfectly balanced weight to their knife. Like most other Shun lines the Reserve is constructed Kasumi style, with a very hard cutting core clad with layers of a softer steel. The premium SG-2 core, found only in the Reserve line and discussed below, is jacketed with 32 layers of Nickel and Stainless Steel similar to Pattern Damascus which reveal a beautiful “ladder” waved pattern. At the other end of the blade, we have a full tang and triple-riveted handle with an eye-catching Charcoal and Crimson Pakkawood® handle. The middle rivet sports an inlaid mosaic Samurai family crest and the handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand. Beauty and functionality are yet again forged together in the Reserve line. But the real intrigue with these blades, aside from the beautiful Damascus pattern, 16° cutting edge, and handle, is the unique SG-2 cutting core.
About Shun

About Shun

Shun in Japanese actually translates to “at the peak of perfection,” and no words could better describe this outstanding company. Renowned for their traditional knife making style and aesthetic design, the highly skilled artisans at the Kai Corporation (the parent company of “Shoon”) have been making blades of the highest quality in homage of the legendary sword smiths of Seki, Japan for over 100 years. Each and every knife is handmade, from beginning to end, requiring at least 100 meticulous steps along the way. It is out of this respect and admiration towards their ancestors, coupled with advanced technology and materials, that Shun produces basically pieces of art that also happen to be razor-sharp knives.

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