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Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino

Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino RI9757/47

  • Fully automatic Cappuccino machine
  • Intuitive one touch operations
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Rapid steam boiler that powers both the brewing system and automatic milk frother
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder
  • Optional water filtration
  • Easy cleanup
  • Miniscule environmental footprint
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Sale Price: $599.00

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Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino

Automatic Milk Frothing and Steaming

The Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino employs the Cappuccinatore automatic milk frothing device for the easiest milk-based drinks possible. It uses the power of steam to siphon cold milk from any container, blend it with air, and deliver properly heated milk directly into your cup. A dial allows you to select more or less froth. Prefer to froth milk manually? The innovative Panarello wand tip assists in the creation of velvety foam. The Panarello wand can also be used to dispense hot water for tea.

New Ceramic Coffee Grinder

After careful research, Saeco chose this material for the Odea Giro to put an end to grinding with metal components. Ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavor of coffee. The new ceramic grinder provides an even grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending coffee beans, and giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee. The Odea Giro has a 6 ounce bean hopper with 5 different grinder fineness settings, which will allow you to adjust the strength of your beverage. Long-lasting with minimum noise! Thanks to its sturdy build, the ceramic coffee grinder will quietly go on grinding to the same high standard for a long time. Use the Saeco Opti-Dose® system (1, 2, or 3 beans) to adjust the amount of ground espresso to be used each time you brew. It adjusts from 7 to 10.5 grams (normal to extra strong) and will retain your setting unless you choose to change it manually.

Super Automatic Coffee and Espresso

At the touch of one button, the Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino will automatically grind your coffee beans, and dispense freshly brewed, rich and flavorful coffee into your cup. The Odea Giro incorporates the Saeco Aroma System® to extract the full aroma of coffee beans into every cup by pre-brewing a small amount of water to soak the ground coffee. The actual brewing cycle begins about 2 seconds afterward, allowing for enough time to fully saturate the grounds and achieve maximum flavor. Enjoy perfect espresso every time topped with golden crema that fills your senses with the rich warm aroma of truly fine coffee, all in under 60 seconds. When brewing is complete, the Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino ejects the used coffee "puck" into a convenient box that pulls out for easy emptying.

Simple, Easy Operation

The Giro Interface turns espresso and coffee brewing into a delightful experience. Simply turn the dial to select the size of your beverage (1 to 8 ounces), select your desired coffee strength from mild to strong (1, 2, or 3 beans), and press the large center (brew) button once or twice for number of drinks.

All New Saeco Adapting System

The Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino includes the new Saeco Adapting System (SAS). This technology equips the Odea Giro with a self-adjusting system that allows the use of all types of coffee beans available on the market (not including flavored or caramelized). The auto-sensing mechanism optimizes the grinding and tamping of your freshly roasted coffee, ensuring perfect compression to optimize extraction and create a rich, creamy espresso.

Stainless Steel Rapid Steam® Boiler

The power plant of the Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino is the Rapid Steam stainless steel-lined ThermoBlock boiler. This same technology is found in units such as the Syntia SS. Unlike a traditional boiler, thermoblocks offer rapid warm-up times paired with efficient, on-demand water usage. Turn on the Odea Giro, and it will be ready to brew in just a few moments. The Rapid Steam function heats the boiler to steaming temp faster than the competition. ThermoBlock technology channels the water through the heated block while minimizing the amount of water used. This process ensures water does not become stale sitting in a boiler for an extended period of time. When you are ready to steam or froth your milk, simply turn the steam knob, and the Odea Giro Cappuccino will fire up the Rapid Steam and start pouring out steam in about 10 seconds.

Water Filtration

The Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino can utilize the optional Intenza Water Filter (sold separately) to not only improve the taste of your coffee, but also protect the internal components of the machine. Regular replacement of the Intenza filter ensures the removal of chlorine, lead, aluminum, and copper for a better tasting coffee. It will also reduce the formation of limescale and protect the Odea Giro from the corrosive nature of tap water. The standard 50 ounce water reservoir can easily be refilled while it is still on the machine or by removing it with the easy-grip handle and filling it at the kitchen tap.

Easy Cleanup

The patented Saeco Easy Clean System® removable internal brew group has been tested millions of times throughout the world. It only takes a simple gesture for it to be quickly and easily removed from the machine and cleaned. Just rinse it under running water to remove all traces of dirt and coffee residues, which when left inside the machine, change the flavor of the coffee and interfere with the correct functioning of the brew group. When this cleaning is done in conjunction with the manual descaling cycle, the Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino will produce consistently delicious espresso every time you turn it on.

For Use with Superautomatika® Blend

It's a little known fact that Super Automatic espresso coffee centers brew the best coffee when using only a special kind of bean. While it's true that the Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino can be filled with most kinds of coffee beans, the greatest flavor and tallest crema are achieved when brewing Superautomatika® Blend, the only coffee crafted specifically for super-automatic machines. The beans that make up Superautomatika® Blend are picked, roasted, and blended solely for use in super automatic coffee centers.

Two Year Warranty Service and Support

All new Saeco products are offered with unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call us or call Saeco at the number provided in your help guide. A new Saeco Odea Giro Plus Cappuccino comes with a full 1 year parts and labor warranty through Saeco. J.L. Hufford includes an additional year warranty (for a total of 2 years) through a special partnership with New Leaf. Additionally, all new Saeco Super Automatic Coffee Centers are backed by J.L. Hufford's 30 Day Satisfaction Policy.

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