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Saeco Intelia Focus Automatic Coffee Center

Saeco Intelia Focus Automatic Coffee Center HD8751/47

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  • Sleek black plastic body

  • Simple to understand programming

  • Easy one button operation

  • 3 color LCD digital display

  • One touch simple operation

  • Auto bean grinding with slow moving ceramic burr grinders to prevent heat dissipation

  • Pre-ground coffee bypass system so that you can use your own externally ground beans

  • Auto shut off feature to save energy

  • Automatic cleaning and descaling cycles

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Sale Price: $599.00

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Description Detailed Specs

Saeco Intelia Focus Automatic Coffee Center

Digital LED Display and Simple Espresso Programming

The Saeco Intelia Focus employs straightforward LED icons to light the way for your entire super automatic espresso experience. Color coded lights let you know what's going on with the machine. Green icons indicate the machine is ready to use, yellow icons show that the machine is busy. Yellow might be shown when the machine is heating up. Red icons inform if you need to add water or beans or if the used coffee drawer must be emptied. Espresso or long coffee can be dispensed with the touch of a button

Automatic Italian Pre-Infusion Brewing

The Intelia Focus incorporates the Saeco Aroma System® to extract the full aroma of coffee beans into every cup. A special pre-programmed step injects a small amount of hot water into the freshly ground coffee to start a pre-brewing process. The actual brewing cycle normally begins about 2 seconds afterward, allowing for enough time to fully saturate the grounds and achieve maximum flavor.  Enjoy perfect espresso every time topped with golden crema that fills your senses with the rich warm aroma of truly fine coffee, all in under 60 seconds.  In addition, the standard Saeco OptiDose® System allows you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground for each beverage, from 6.5 to 10.5 grams (mild to strong).

Quiet Ceramic Grinder with Bonus

The Saeco Intelia Focus is fitted with Saeco's ever popular ceramic burr grinder. Ceramic burrs are just as durable as steel burrs, but they are also quieter and do not pass as much heat to the beans when grinding. They also can never rust in storage (a drawback to steel). In addition, the grinder on the Saeco Intelia Focus is wrapped with sound insulating material to make this machine far quieter than any other in its class. With 5 grind settings, you are certain to be able to tune your Intelia Focus to both the freshness and roast of many coffee blends (still not the super dark/oily ones). The Intelia has a 10 ounce bean hopper with an air tight lid that features a UV-filtering coating to keep your beans fresh for as long as possible. It also cuts back on the noise.

Easy Cleanup

The patented Saeco Easy Clean System® removable internal brew group has been tested millions of times throughout the world. It only takes a simple gesture for it to be quickly and easily removed from the machine and cleaned. Just rinse it under running water to remove all traces of dirt and coffee residues, which when left inside the machine, change the flavor of the coffee and interfere with the correct functioning of the brew group. This simple cleaning, when done in conjunction with the automatic descaling, brew group cleaning, and milk cleaning cycles, ensures the Intelia Focus will produce consistently delicious espresso every time you turn it on.

Solid Construction

The Saeco Intelia Focus is wrapped in a sleek black plastic body for supreme durability and style. The oversized stainless drip tray allows you to fit various cups under the spouts and is magnetically secured to the drip pan to reduce rattling and noise.

Easy to Froth Milk

Creating perfect micro-foam milk froth can be a difficult task and is an accomplishment to be proud of. The Saeco Intelia Focus strives to make the entire job much more simple. The redesigned Panarello milk frothing wand divides steam for milk into three directions forcing more air and steam into the entire pitcher of cold milk. This will allow you to heat your milk faster and more evenly resulting perfect steamed milk for lattes or exquisite micro-foam for cappuccinos. The Panarello wand can also be used to dispense hot water for tea.

Brewing Pre-Ground Coffee

Do you want to try a decaf roast or perhaps a different blend without having to empty your bean hopper? A lid on the top of the Intelia Focus can be lifted to reveal an opening for ground coffee. Just choose the "pre-ground" option on the coffee strength, then deposit a scoop ground coffee into the opening on top of the machine and press the brew button once. When you are ready to brew again, the Intelia resets to using the beans in the hopper.

Rapid Steam Stainless Steel Boiler

The power plant of the Saeco Intelia Focus is the stainless steel-lined ThermoBlock boiler. Unlike a traditional boiler, thermoblocks offer rapid warm-up times paired with efficient, on-demand water usage. Turn on the Intelia Focus, and it will be ready to brew in just a few moments.  ThermoBlock technology channels the water through the heating element while minimizing the amount of water heated to what the user demands. This process ensures water does not become stale sitting in a boiler for an extended period of time. The Rapid Steam function delivers copious amounts of steam in mere moments, compared to the average 30 second wait time of other brands of super automatics in its class. In addition, the Saeco Intelia Focus allows you to use the manual steam wand as a dedicated spout for instant and piping hot water for tea and Americanos.

Energy Saving

The Saeco Intelia Focus will automatically enter a power-saving standby mode after an hour of idle time. This is a great feature for any incredibly busy workday morning, which tends to be most of them.

Water Filtration

The Saeco Intelia Focus can utilize the optional Intenza Water Filter to not only improve the taste of your coffee, but also protect the internal components of the machine. Regular replacement of the Intenza filter ensures the removal of chlorine, lead, aluminum, and copper for a better tasting coffee. It will also reduce the formation of limescale and protect the Intelia from the corrosive nature of tap water. The standard 50 ounce water reservoir can easily be refilled by removing it from the front of the machine and filling it at the kitchen tap.

For Use with Superautomatika® Blend

It's a little known fact that Super Automatic espresso coffee centers brew the best coffee when using only a special kind of bean. While it's true that the Saeco Intelia Focus can be filled with most kinds of coffee beans, the greatest flavor and tallest crema are achieved when brewing Superautomatika® Blend, the only coffee crafted specifically for super-automatic machines. The beans that make up Superautomatika® Blend are picked, roasted, and blended solely for use in super automatic coffee centers. When you purchase a new Saeco Intelia through J.L. Hufford, a sample of this exclusive blend is included.

Two Year Warranty Service and Support

All new Saeco products are offered with unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call us or call Saeco at the number provided in your help guide. A new Saeco Intelia Focus comes with a full 1 year parts and labor warranty through Saeco. J.L. Hufford includes an additional year warranty (for a total of 2 years) through a special partnership with Warrantech. Additionally, all new Saeco Super Automatic Coffee Centers are backed by J.L. Hufford's 30 Day Satisfaction Policy.

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