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Moccamaster Forumla Recommendation Chart

We recommend guidelines set forth by the ECBC, SCAA, SCAE (60 grams per 1 liter of water or 2 Tbls for every 6oz of water

Volume Grams Moccamaster 2-Tbls Scoop Table Spoon About
1.8L 15-Cup(Grand) 60oz 108 10 20 10-level scoops
1.25L 10-Cup 40oz 75 6.66 13.33 7-level scoops
1L 8-Cup 32oz 60 5.33 10.66 5-heaping scoops
3/4 L 6-Cup 24oz 45 4 8 4-level scoops
5/8 L 1/2 pot (5-C) 20oz 37.5 3.33 6.66 3-heaping scoops
1/2 L 4-Cup 16oz 30 2.66 5.32 3-level scoops
0.3L Cup-one 10oz 18.75 1.66 3.32 2-level scoops

If the final brewed coffee seems too strong, we recommend not changing the formula, but adding hot water to your cup, weakening the coffee, while protecting the taste. If you find the final brewed coffee too weak for your taste profile, we recommend changing your coffee variety and/or roast profile; we do not recommend increasing the formula.