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Getting to Know Jura

Enjoy a Cup from a Genuine Jura Automatic Coffee Center or a Capresso Coffee Maker

Former Krups USA President Michael Kramm launched the Capresso Company in 1994 to provide high-end Capresso coffee makers and espresso machines to the refined American Coffee drinker.
In 2002, the home espresso market got a new class of Jura Automatic Coffee Centers and Espresso Machines when Jura AG, a company founded in 1931 in Switzerland, joined forces with Capresso.
The new Jura company brings coffee connoisseurs the finest Fully Automatic Coffee Centers in the world with innovative and user friendly features, including:
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-care for machines
  • Interchangeable frother systems
  • Easy-to-read multi-language LED displays
  • Elegant coffee brewing illumination
  • Instructive video tapes
  • High-end design, quality materials, attractive look
  • Terrific coffee and espresso

Each Jura Automatic Coffee Center is designed with European inspiration to make truly the best pressure-brewed coffee in the world.
Jura-Capresso is the first and only company with a line of One Touch Automatic Coffee Centers with insulated milk containers including the Impressa Z6, Z5, S9 One Touch, and the C9 One Touch. Each of these units will make a cappuccino or latte directly into your cup with the touch of only one button, without ever having to move the cup!
For those reasons, JL Hufford proudly carries the entire Jura coffee maker and Jura espresso machine home coffee center lines. Browse the entire Juracollection or research the Super-Automatic Espresso Center, Semi-Automatic Espresso machine, or Drip Coffee Maker collection from JL Hufford.